Exhibitor Name Company Type Industry Sector Industry Subsector Company Description Keywords
3 Daughters Brewing Manufacturer Food Products Beverages At 3 Daughters Brewing, we care about three things above all else: crafting great beer, sharing that beer with our friends, and supporting our community. 3 Daughters Brewing is a craft brewery located in St Petersburg, Florida. We have been brewing for 7 years becoming the sixth largest brewery in Florida. We make our own beer, cider, hard seltzer, hard soda, sangria (wine from grapes!), and non-alcoholic CBD seltzer. We have 42 rotating taps at 3 different bars which allows us to offer new creations to our patrons for first hand feedback before canning for on and off premise clients. In 2019, we experimented with 233 different creations in the Tasting Room. We currently distribute throughout Florida and export to France and the EU. We offer our products in cans ranging from 12oz to 32oz and have the capacity to private label. Please see our resources for a samples of our portfolio. We would love the opportunity to work with you. Beer - Cider - Hard Seltzer - Hard Soda - Sangria - Alcoholic Beverages
AABACO Environmental Industries Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Spill Containment Founded in 1984, Aabaco provides a range of high quality Oil and Chemical Spill Solution & Safety Products from all of the major manufacturers: 3M, DuPont, Honeywell, MSA, Kimberly Clark, Moldex, Pyramex, Ergodyne, Showa Gloves and many more. We offer over 200,000 products and ship from 14 distribution centers across the country. Spill Containment - Bio Liquid Cleaner - Spill Pads - Oil Absorbents - Spill Containment Kits
Airo Industries, Inc Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Construction Equipment Leading innovator and manufacturer of efficient multi-story material delivery system for construction projects Cranes - Material Lifting Systems - Building Construction Equipment
Airocide Air Purifier Manufacturer Clean Technology Air Purification Systems Airocide is an air purification technology developed by NASA. It is FDA Cleared, and has been proven effective against viruses, bacteria, and other air quality issues over the last 25 years. Photocatalytic Oxidation - Indoor Air Purification - Disruptive Air Purification Technology
Allied Steel Buildings Manufacturer Building Materials Prefabricated Buildings Allied Steel Buildings, is a recognized leading supplier of high-quality pre-engineered steel buildings and metal building systems. In its more than 17 years of experience, our company has delivered over 5,000 steel projects throughout the world, delivering building solutions for diverse industries, from aviation to e-commerce & distribution. Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings - Construction Engineering
American Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer Automotive Car Care Products American Mfg. Co., family owned and operated more than 25 years. Experienced in the manufacturing of Automotive, Home Care & Industrial Chemicals. Known for quality and performance of private label products and our own Industry Awarded brands - RUDSON, PurpleTUFF and BugOFF brands. Automotive Coolants - Car Care Products - Cleaning Solutions- Auto parts
American TelePhysicians: The Home of Digital Healthcare Service Provider Life Sciences & Medical Technology Telemedicine American TelePhysicians is a physician-led digital telemedicine and physician services company with operations in Asia, Australia, and the US. We are passionate about patient care and we work tirelessly to bring quality, affordable healthcare to citizens everywhere. This past year has highlighted the need for healthcare delivery options and our products are designed to support patients both in facilities and at home. Virtual clinics, designed by physicians, have thoughtfully considered the patient experience, the facility/physician/caregiver/family experience, the need for real-time access to medical histories, patient confidentiality, and ancillary services - such as e-prescriptions or in-home EEG tests - that address at-home and remote monitoring needs. Telemedicine technology is disrupting the healthcare industry in a good way. Facilities and patients alike are embracing telemedicine as viable option when in-person visits just aren't feasible. We would love to share our vision. Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - Patient Management Systems - SmartClinix - Telemedicine - Medical Software and Application Development
Anderson Connectivity Manufacturer Aviation and Aerospace Communication Systems Technology Anderson Connectivity is a privately held satellite communications engineering company specializing in the design, production, and servicing of satcom antenna systems across air, land, and sea. In-Flight Entertainment and Communication Systems - Antenna System Design
Anjon Holdings Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Medical Equipment Anjon Holdings manufactures and sells the Anjon Bremer Halo System worldwide. Anjon Holdings is a medical contract manufacturing company producing implants and instruments primarily for orthopedics. The company is ISO 13485:2016, MDSAP certified and FDA Registered. The Company is looking for distributors outside the United States for the halo system. The Company is looking for sales representation for contract manufacturing projects outside the United States. External Cervical Fixation System - Anjon Bremer Halo System - Medical Device Contract Manufacturing- Orthopedic Devices - Spine Support
Argonide Corporation Manufacturer Clean Technology Water and Wastewater Treatment Founded in 1994, Argonide is dedicated to the science and manufacture of water filtration products that produce not only great-tasting clean water, but also water that is microbiologically pure. Argonide's innovative and unique filtration technology and systems are positively impacting billions of gallons of water worldwide in many vertical markets from medical and manufacturing to residential and hospitality. Through Argonide's OEM and dealer network, there's a good chance you've used a product or service of which Argonide's filtration technology was an integral component. Argonide continually strives to innovate water filtration with inventions and patents that are inspired by NASA-derived technology (such as NanoCeram® filtration technology), to the use of DEAL® in residential systems (CoolBlue® filtration systems). Argonide stands behind its technology as evidenced by IAPMO certification. Argonide is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer. Water Filtration Products - Home Water Filtration - Residential Water Filtration - Commercial Water Filtration - Sterilized Water
Armor Screen Hurricane Protection Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Wind Protection Armor Screen is well-known and trusted by architects, engineers and insurers to provide superior protection against even the worst storms. Our products have been used to defend structures of all types, including homes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, priceless pieces of art and historic buildings from even the strongest category 5 hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons. Not only will our hurricane screens protect you and your property from damage, they also make outdoor spaces more enjoyable year-round. These transparent screens are made of tough, durable, UV-stabilized fabric that block strong winds, driving rain, harsh sunlight, and bugs, making them perfect for use around patios and porches. Restaurants with outdoor seating report that with Armor Screen, they’ve seen their revenue increase up to 70% during hot, rainy summer months. Hurricane Screens - Wind Abatement - Industrial and Commercial Construction Equipment - Wind Screens
ASAR Automated Storage Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Construction Services ASAR automated storage is a reliable, long-lasting solution to many of the storage challenges that marine, automotive and warehouse facility owners confront daily. This smart storage solution offers higher density storage, greater revenue and ROI, and little to no downtime. ASAR automated storage in marinas offers a 30-50% increase in rentable cubic space compared to traditional forklift storage, creates the potential for higher revenue and ROI and greatly reduces the risk of damage and operator error. ASAR has the potential to provide a significant increase in usable space, reduce risk of theft and damage, and improve efficiency in parking garages, automotive storage facilities, and even dealerships through removal of driving area. Replacing traditional storage methods with an automated solution can potentially double the number of containers stored at manufacturing or distribution facilities with no increase in footprint, spurring a significant boost in revenue and resale value. Marina Drystack Storage Construction - Airplane Hanger Construction - Warehouse Construction - Warehouse Automation - Office Building Construction - Coastal Erosion Protection System - Polished Concrete
Ashley Furniture Industries Manufacturer Consumer Goods Home Furnishings Ashley Furniture was established in 1945 and is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Furniture and the Number 1 Furniture Retailer in North America. As a vertically integrated Furniture organization, we strive to exceed the expectations of our retail partners and consumers in more than 155 countries across the globe. We are a full-service manufacturer and wholesaler offering a full home furnishings product line. The retailer’s steadfast commitment to style, price, quality and service has garnered the loyalty and trust of our customers across the globe. Today, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has more than 1,000 locations around the world. If you are interested in selling our products in your store or acquiring your own Ashley Furniture Homestore license, schedule a meeting to speak with us. Home Furniture Manufacturing - Home Furniture Wholesaler - Home Furniture Retailer
asphericon, Inc. Manufacturer Photonics and Optics Photonics and Optics Bringing visions to life. With this mission, asphericon is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible and establishing new milestones in the world of optics. Our passion for revolutionizing the manufacturing of aspheric components with new technologies is changing the degree of precision and quality that is possible. About the company: Founded in Jena/DE in 2001, asphericon has developed into a technological leader in the field of asphere und aspheric system manufacturing thanks to a great deal of expertise and passion. The latest manufacturing technologies, continually evolving proprietary control software, world class measurement equipment, and highly qualified employees ensure that asphericon provides over 750 customers worldwide with innovative solutions. We will assist you from the initial optical design, through manufacturing and coating, precision metrology and documentation, to the assembly of optical modules and optical characterization. Aspheric Lenses - Eye Glasses - Optics -Optometry - Prisms - Industrial Lenses
ASSET Engineering Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Electrical Engineering Established in 2000, ASSET Engineering is a consulting firm recognized as a specialist in power system design and analysis. Our team is anchored by veteran power system design leaders and a growing team of control system professional engineers. We provide our clients decades of experience in specialized electrical engineering design, protection and control systems, and project management services. Our clients include utility companies, independent power producers, and large industrial and institutional power users. Over 100 clients have relied on ASSET Engineering for optimized electrical designs that have stood the test of time. Electrical - Engineering Studies and Analyses - Engineering and Design - Substation Design - Front End Engineering and Design - Power Controls - Grounding and Lighting Plans
Associated Industries of Florida Non-Governmental Organization Not-For-Profit Association Government Lobbying Since 1920, Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) has represented the principles of prosperity and free enterprise before the three branches of state government. Know as “The Voice of Florida Business” in the Sunshine Sate, AIF is a voluntary association of diversified businesses, created to foster an economic climate in Florida conducive to the growth, development, and welfare of industry and business and the people of the state. Business Advocacy - Political Action
Atlas Specialty Lighting Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Medical replacement Lamps, Batteries, Modules & Power Supplies Atlas Specialty Lighting is one of the largest stocking distributors of replacement Modules, Lamps, Powers Supply & Biomedical Batteries for the medical industry. Providing quality products, very competitive prices, and excellent customer service. ATLAS stocks Cermax xenon cold light source replacement modules, lamps, power supply for most medical, surgical, and Endoscopic use. for Microscopes, Operation Room Lamps, Fiber optic, Endoscopes, Bio-Medical Equipment, Projectors and others. Modules, Lamps and Batteries are available for equipment from: Stryker, Zeiss, Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, ConMed Linvatec, Leica, Storz, Smith & Nephew, Welch Allyn, EXCELITAS and much more! Medical Lamps - Medical Batteries - Medical Power Supplies
AVATRADE Service Provider Aviation and Aerospace Aviation Parts and Equipment Goodbye RFQs. Hello transparency! The best online marketplace for trading aviation parts and assemblies. Sign up is free! Commercial Aircraft Parts and Equipment - Aviation Parts and Equipment
Avparts International LLC Distributor Aviation and Aerospace Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul AVPARTS INTERNATIONAL LLC is a sales and distribution company providing aircraft parts. Established in Miami, Florida USA, the firm’s long term plan include a production with very modern technology to bring highly reliable parts. AVPARTS aims towards the international spare parts sales arena, seeking out to be the best supplier. The company’s primary goal is to work with the international and domestic air carriers and their technical maintenance. Providing our customers with the latest technology, fast and reliable service to satisfy their demands with high inventory levels. Our clients choose Avparts International based on the safety related reputation that has been built along fast and reliable distribution. All our parts are fully traceable to Boeing Licensee and the Manufacturer. AVPARTS is fully complied with FAA, ASA, ISO standards and regulations. Boeing Aircraft Parts - Bearings - Nuts - Sleeves - Brackets - Bushings - Springs - Landing Gear
B.S.T. Medical Supply Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Post Surgical Supplies We manufacture and distribute compression garments and accessories to complement cosmetic surgery. Post Surgical Support - Corsets - Girdles - Specialty Undergarments - Compression Wear - Surgical Supplies
Balanced Guru Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products We founded Balanced Guru with a conscious and passionate commitment to promote the wellbeing of our customers and the planet we all share. We do this by crafting wholesome products that are certified organic, cruelty-free and sustainable while limiting our environmental impact and maximizing our social impact by giving back to the communities that mean so much to us. Our promise to you is to only use ingredients and materials that are safe for our bodies and the environment, whether you're here for our organic body lotion or our hair oils. We exclusively use raw ingredients that are certified organic and cultivated through sustainable harvesting. Aroma Therapy - Facial Cleansers - Toners - Facial Serum - Body Scrubs- Body Butters - Essential Oils
Barricade International, Inc. Manufacturer Fire and Safety Flame and Fire Retardant Barricade International President, John Bartlett is the Florida firefighter who invented the first fire blocking gel after observing that a used, wet disposable baby diaper did not burn during a routine trash fire. From this humble beginning, he has brought us an easy-to-use system that is changing the way homeowners protect their most precious possessions and lifestyles. And professional firefighters have a highly effective tool for protecting the towns and homes threatened by wildfires. Working just like the super absorbent polymers in the diaper, Barricade absorbs many times its weight of water and forms “wet, sticky sponges.” These water-filled bubblets adhere to surfaces in many molecular layers – each of which must be evaporated before the underlying layer is affected. After a fire, it washes away with water and is biodegradable. Fire prevention - Flame retardant - Fire blocking gel
Bell Performance Manufacturer Chemicals and Petrochemicals Fuel Additives 112-year old Bell Performance, the U.S. fuel additive manufacturer founded by Robert Bell (who developed the world's first fuel additive in 1909), exports world-wide. We Fix Fuel problems for every industry, whether ethanol or other bio, gasoline, diesel, or power generation fuels, and tailor to each company’s needs with chemical solutions, mechanical solutions, and best practice testing protocols, superlative education, and training expertise. We are looking for distributors to cover their particular international marketplace spanning their specialty range in the industrial, commercial and consumer markets. We are the Expert to make YOU the Expert to YOUR customers! WeFixFuel.com! Fuel Additives - Petrol Additives - Diesel Fuel Additives
Big Storm Brewery Manufacturer Food Products Beverages Founded in 2012 in Pasco County, Big Storm currently has four taprooms in the Sunshine State: Clearwater, Odessa, Orlando and Cape Coral. Big Storm has embraced its tagline of “Florida’s Craft Beer Forecast,” by developing a dynamic lineup of Florida favorites like Tropic Pressure Florida Ale, steeped with hibiscus flowers, and Key Lime Shandy, brewed with key lime puree. Craft Beer - Alcoholic Beverages
Blue Tunnel Corp. Distributor Information Technology Security and Marketing BLUE TUNNEL is a US Cyber Security Solutions company to provide the best awesome technologies' products and services to improve security and life quality for people. TARGET To generate efficient results using Artificial Intelligence (Video Analysis Deep Learning) software over surveillance cameras images to detect and notify events automatically and in real time. PORTFOLIO The Largest World Portfolio. More than 30 Artificial Intelligence modules for different applications. VERTICALS Smart Cities, Industry & Critical Infrastructures, Agro Business, Retail & Marketing, Bank & Finance, Transportation, Public Facilities & Buildings, Residential Areas, Environment & Territory. HIGHLIGHTS SMOKE&FIRE: The only in the world able to detect smoke and/or fire with only one IP camera. SLIP&FALL: Detect person slipping and/or falling on risk situation. FACE RECOGNITION: Recognizes person, ethnicity, gender, age, etc. COVID-19: A package to check people's compliance with the pandemic rules. Cyber Security - Artificial Intelligence - Video and Forensic Analysis - Software - Smart Cities IoT
Bob's Machine - Outboard Accessories Manufacturer Marine Products and Technology Outboard Motor Accessories Bob's Machine is a world leader in the manufacturing of outboard boat engine accessories. The main focus is in Hydraulic Jack Plates, which lift your outboard motor up and down with a touch of a button for better fuel economy, performance, and access to shallow water. Other accessories include Low water pickup nosecones, trolling motor accessories, and much more. Hydraulic Jack Plate - Outboard Motor Performance Accessories - Outboard Motor Lifts -Outboard Motor Accessories
Broward College International Admissions University Educational Institution F-1 Visa Assistance Broward College (BC) was founded in 1960 and is located in sunny South Florida near Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. BC serves 63,000+ students from 150+ countries and has 500+ F1 visa students. BC offers hundreds degree programs. The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is part of our 2+2 program allowing students to complete the first 2 years of a bachelor’s degree at a much lower cost, and then automatically transfer to one of over 24 universities to finish the last 2 years of their bachelors. The Associate of Science (AS) degrees are 2-year programs that are designed to prepare students for immediate employment in specialized career fields such as health sciences, information technology, graphic arts and more. The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is designed to teach you to be a student using the English language and NOT to learn basic English. This program also helps students with university degrees from their home country get accepted into a USA graduate school. International Student Program - Study Abroad Program - F1 Visa Program
Bugs Off Pads - Awesome Products Corp. Manufacturer Automotive Automotive Cleaning Products Our US made Bugs Off® Pads are easily the best way to remove bugs from your vehicle surfaces, but, they do more! They clean quickly & easily because they only require soap & water and are so safe for all surfaces of the vehicle that you can wash your entire car with them, removing dirt, grime, bugs, road tar, bird droppings, etc. They are safe to use on: Paint, Clear coat, Plastic, Graphics, Metal, Glass. No other bug removal product can make that claim. We guarantee our product to the customer’s satisfaction for 60 days, longer than most products last. Awesome Products Corp. was founded in 1996 and since that time has been manufacturing these pads for cleaning aircraft, cars, trucks, and RV’s. We own 1 patent and 5 federally registered trademarks. Some of our customers in the automotive field are: Ace Hardware, Automotive Intl., Menard’s Home Stores, Stoner Inc., Warren Distribution. Detailing Pads - Automotive Detailing - Automotive Cleaning - Boat Cleaning Products - Vehicle Cleaning Products
Caliber Sales Engineering Manufacturer Aviation and Aerospace Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Founded in 1987, Caliber Sales Engineering is a recognized leader in total logistics support for Land, Air, and Maritime agencies. Including, contract management, manpower, system upgrades, reverse engineering & manufacturing, training, and field support. Our strengths lay in our close working relationships with major OEM and component manufacturers as well as FAA approved repair facilities. Additionally, CSE has in-house manufacturing and repair capabilities to include Form Fit & Function, Service Life Extension Programs with Technology Insertion & Upgrades, battery & charger manufacturing, as well as the refurbishment and repair of military components. As a WOSB, ISO 9001:2015 Registered, AS9100D & AS9120B Compliant, and TRACE certified company, Caliber understands the importance of maintaining the highest level of Quality Management. We set the bar high as we know our clients do. Logistics Support for Land, Air, and Maritime Agencies - MRO - Contract Management - System Upgrades - Reverse Engineering - Contract Manufacturing- Field Support - Technical Training
CellAntenna Service Provider Information Technology Telecommunications CellAntenna International designs, manufactures and exports front-end amplification solutions for radio platforms to increase the range and performance of tactical RF systems primarily based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology. Our worldwide customers include companies and government agencies that combine the integrated solutions with software to intercept, locate, and control mobile phones used by criminals--including terrorists. We design and integrate our equipment in a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) providing mobile phone security for government buildings, campuses and prisons. Our portable solutions provide reliable and secure communication for tactical missions. CellAntenna International’s innovation and support services ensure operational success. Our experienced engineering team provides support from design to on-site integration. With 19 years of experience, CellAntenna International products are “Made in the USA” and manufactured at our Florida facility. Telecommunications Service Provider - Telecommunication Engineering - Telecommunication Systems Developer and Integrator
Central Florida Development Council Non-Governmental Organization Economic Development Organization Business Development The Central Florida Development Council (CFDC) is Polk County’s Economic Development Partnership as designated by the Polk County Board of County Commissioners. The mission of the CFDC is to grow an economy based on high-skill, high-wage sustainable businesses. We focus on domestic and international business recruitment and expansion, business advocacy, facilitating collaborative partnerships and advancing strategic initiatives in Central Florida’s Polk County. Local Government - Economic Development - Corporate Relocation - Export Promotion
CHAMPS Software Inc. Service Provider Information Technology Software Development CHAMPS Software is focused on developing and implementing software solutions that enable enterprises to optimize the life cycles of their capital assets that include work force, equipment, facilities, vehicles, tools, spare parts, and linear assets. Now with CHAMPS Mobile, the functionality of CHAMPS CMMS solutions is extended by providing offline capabilities. You can continue to access your vital information and record your activities even while disconnected. Capital Equipment Asset Maintenance Software - Inventory Management Software- Work Flow Management Software - Purchasing Management Software - Business Systems Software
Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. SUPERIOR™ Manufacturer Clean Technology Water and Wastewater Treatment Be part of The Gold Standard. SUPERIOR™ gas and liquid feed systems and instrumentation. When you purchase a SUPERIOR™ Gas Chlorinator or VacuFeed Liquid Chemical Feed System, you will be getting the best, most technologically advanced product on the market. Period. Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc., is devoted to customer satisfaction, safety, proactive technology, and superior design. We promise that all of our energies and talents will be constantly utilized to keep SUPERIOR™ products on the cutting edge of technology so that you can always be assured of the highest quality in design and materials. We further pledge that you will never be more than a phone call or fax away from personal attention. Most routine questions can be handled by your local SUPERIOR™ dealer, but if you ever have a need or want the answer to a technical question or have comments and suggestions about your SUPERIOR™ equipment, we are always here for you. Let us show you why all our products are SUPERIOR ! Waste Water Treatment Products - Chlorinators - Waste Water Analyzing Equipment - Waste Water Treatment Technology
Chicago Stainless Equipment, Inc. Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Gauges and Sensors Sanitary pressure gauges and sanitary digital thermometers, temperature sensors (RTD's & Transmitters) pressure sensors, analog thermometers (Bi-Metals) stainless steel industrial pressure gauges, Thermo-wells. Sanitary Pressure Gauges - Digital Thermometers - Gauges - Industrial Equipment
Citrusway Nail & Skin Solutions Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Citrusway® was created out of the idea to bring safe and natural nail fungus and skin products to the ever-growing number of consumers searching for effective alternatives. Our mission includes the intention to educate the consumer of the amazing machine that the human body is and how well it operates without the influence of chemicals. As the integration of natural products is happening in every category, Citrusway is a great addition to a category filled with toxic, chemical-based products Personal Care - Beauty Products - Cosmetics - Foot Care - Nail Care- Skin Care
City of Miramar, FL Government Economic Development Organization Municipal Government Miramar is a community of 31 square miles with approximately 140,000 residents. The median age of the population is 36 and of those 25 or older 90% have a high school diploma and 30% have a bachelor’s degree. 40% of the population is foreign-born and 47% speak another language at home. There are about 43,000 housing units, 70% of which are owned and have a median value of approximately $264,000. The median household income is approximately $66,560. On the business side, there are approximately 2,700 businesses with 40,000+ employees. Prominent business sectors include aviation, communications, healthcare and manufacturing. There are planned office and industrial commerce parks and community-level retail centers. As of 2021, there is 3.5 million square feet of office space; 3.5 million square feet of retail space; and 9.6 million square feet of industrial space. Aviation Relocation - Manufacturing Incubator - Business Development - Foreign Direct Investment - Corporate Relocation
CityVitae - Electromobility At Your Service Manufacturer Clean Technology Electric Vehicle Products and Technology Come along and meet the team at CityVitae! We offer turnkey electromobility services for companies and buildings. Electrical Vehicle Recharging Equipment - Electric Vehicle Recharging Technology - Electric Vehicle Technology - Electric Energy Distribution Systems
Collection 2000® & Hombre® Distributor Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products With years of expertise and experience in manufacturing and import/export from the US, Collection 2000, Inc is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of product and services to both retailers and customers. With adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices and a hands-on distribution approach, we strive in maintaining long term professional relationships with all of our distributors no matter the location. In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. We invite you to browse through our inventory and contact us with any questions. Personal Care Products - Fragrances - Lotions - Creams - Cosmetics
CONNEX Florida Service Provider Economic Development Organization Manufacturing Networking Connex Florida is an online capabilities database and connection platform that helps you connect with manufacturers, find resources and adapt to changing supply demands. Sourcing Florida Products - Manufacturer's Database - Product Sourcing - Product Search - Manufacturers - Manufacturing
CreditBench Powered By First Home Bank Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Banking Services CreditBench, powered by First Home Bank, is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. Consistently ranking as one of the top 10 SBA lenders in the U.S., and a top SBA lender for loans under $350,000, First Home Bank’s CreditBench division has funded over $1 billion in SBA loans to our customers nationwide. Offering small business loans from $50,000 up to $5 million to meet your business needs, our competitive rates, flexible requirements, and prompt decision making helped us earn National SBA Preferred Lending Status. Import and Export Financing - Commercial Lending - Working Capital - SBA Lending Programs - Mortgages
Crescent Garden Manufacturer Consumer Goods Gardening Products As a lead brand trusted by contractors, plants experts, independent garden centers and nurseries worldwide, we offer containers and accessories distinguished by refined design and breakthrough innovation that lasts and lasts for successful, inspired gardening. At Crescent Garden, we believe that planters should work for you, not the other way around. We understand what works best for both healthy plants and the people who love them. With a vision to make gardening more accessible and relevant to everyone, while pushing the industry standards for what’s possible, we dedicate ourselves at Crescent Garden to a simple customer promise: We help you grow. Indoor and Outdoor Planters - Gardening Supplies - Landscaping Supplies - Planters - Flower Pots
Cusano's Bakery Manufacturer Food Products Bread and Bakery Products Cusano's Bakery is a 5th generation family owned bread bakery, specializing in frozen products. Cusano’s began baking in New York in 1907 after arriving from Italy. Cusano’s Bakery plant is a state of the art 250,000 sq. ft. facility located in South Florida. We are SQF 3rd Party Audited and Certified with an Excellent Rating. We currently produce over 150 bread varieties. We maintain multiple production baking systems to produce authentic Artisan hearth & pan baked breads/subs/buns/rolls. We currently distribute our frozen products throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Frozen Bread - Fresh Bread - Pastry Products
DermaSensor Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Dermatology Equipment DermaSensor is a health technology medical device company that has designed and commercialized an affordable, handheld sensor device that lets clinicians evaluate patients’ skin lesions for cancer risk in seconds. The device uses patented elastic scattering spectroscopy and a machine-learning algorithm to provide a higher risk or lower risk result for skin lesions. Handheld Skin Cancer Detection Device - Skin Cancer Detection - Melanoma - Dermatology Equipment - Medical Devices
DiSTI Corporation Service Provider Information Technology Virtual Training and Software Headquartered in Orlando, Florida the DiSTI Corporation has been a global leader in virtual training solution and HMI development tools for over 25 years. Flight Simulators - Training Simulators - 3D Virtual Training - Life Sciences Training - Mechanical Maintenance Systems Virtual Training
Doc-Solutions - Secure Your Documents Service Provider Information Technology Document Security Technology We secure your documents even after distribution! In today’s world, your documents can be accessed any place, any time, on any device. And without the right security, by anyone. The challenge: protect all of your documents all of the time on any device. The Solution: Doc-Secure can protect your information across all devices and networks, both at rest and in transit. Doc-Secure works seamlessly across local hard drives, e-mail and cloud storage. Since it is easy for anyone to access your files from anywhere, it is just as easy for you to protect your files everywhere. Document Digital Rights Management - Document Security - Document Management Technology - Document Security technology - Encryption - Custom Programing and Integrations - Technology Consulting
Douglas Washing and Sanitizing Systems Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Food Preparation With over 40 years of experience, Douglas Washing and Sanitizing is an industry leader in providing effective and efficient cleaning and sanitizing solutions. We help mitigate food safety risks with systems that wash and sanitize containers, racks, and parts where contamination can thrive. Specializing in the food processing, beverage, cannabis and distribution industries, Douglas offers more than 80 models of automated sanitizing equipment. All equipment meets the latest FSMA standards. The Douglas Washing and Sanitizing facility offers expansive manufacturing, assembly, and testing. This environment ensures quality, reinforces high safety standards, and shows our commitment to putting our customers first. Automated Washing Systems - Automated Sanitizing Systems - Food and Beverage Production Equipment - Nutraceutical Production Equipment
DRV Institute of Management Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Training and Certification We are global business experts providing expertise & practical strategies to help business owners grow. We have a wealth of hands on experience in the management field. We teach the relevant managerial skills you need to manage your business effectively and succeed. Our areas of expertise include customer service training, business consulting & coaching, helping entrepreneurs start/relocate companies in Florida and how to expand internationally, food safety & sanitation, and employee training. We are a team of business practitioners (managers) and education professionals with graduate degrees and over 20 years of experience. Management Consulting Services in Hospitality and Essential Business - Food Services Training - Hospitality Industry Training - Customer Service Training - Employee Training
Ecologel Solutions, LLC Manufacturer Chemicals and Petrochemicals Agricultural Chemicals Ecologel has 30+ years of experience providing innovative solutions for soil moisture management, plant nutrition, rooting biostimulants, pond clarifiers, and roadway dust control. Products include: Hydretain® - a hygroscopic humectant solution that helps plants utilize soil humidity that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. Eliminate dry spots, reduce wilt, increase crop yields, improve seed germination, and substantially reduce watering demands for turf, ornamentals, and agricultural crops. CytoGro® - seaweed-derived rooting biostimulant that increases roots and lateral growth without causing excessive top growth. Aqua-T™ Pond Bacteria - naturally occurring bacteria to clarify water while reducing pond sludge and odors. GelTrak® Dust Suppressant - uses soil and atmospheric humidity to minimize dusting and reduce watering on dirt surfaces. BioPro® Technologies - a line of liquid plant food products, micronutrient packages and soil enhancement products. Agricultural Water Conservation - Liquid Micronutrients - Liquid Biostimulants - Algae Control Products - Soil Additives
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Service Provider Educational Institution Aviation and Technology Training Flight School Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the world’s largest, fully accredited university with a focus in Space, Aviation, Computers and Technology, Security and Intelligence and industry applicable Applied Sciences. At our two residential campuses in the United States, one in Arizona and the other in Florida, our students are so well prepared, that 95% are employed in their respective industry within one year of graduation. The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia campus is located in Singapore, and offers part-time, blended delivery graduate programs specifically for working professionals. Space - Aviation- Computers and Technology Education- Security and Intelligence and Applied Sciences Training
Enterprise Florida Service Provider Economic Development Organization Business Development Changing the Landscape of Economic Development in Florida. Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) is a public-private partnership between Florida’s business and government leaders and is the principal economic development organization for Florida. EFI’s mission is to expand and diversify the state’s economy through job creation. EFI works with a statewide network of economic development partners and is funded both by the State and by private-sector businesses. EFI is the state’s primary entity for trade and export development supporting more than 60,000 FL businesses. EFI also supports small and minority businesses through capital programs, promoting Florida as a premier business destination. Enterprise Florida recruits new business and works to retain and expand existing ones. EFI focuses on these industry sectors: aviation & aerospace, life sciences, information technology, defense & homeland security, clean energy, financial & professional services, manufacturing and beyond. Economic Development - Business Development - Export - International Trade - Retention - Recruitment
Enzymedica Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Health and Beauty Products Founded in 1998 in Florida USA, Enzymedica is the #1 best-selling enzyme brand based on independent SPINS retail sales scan data in the natural retail channel. For the past ten years, Digest Gold continues to rank as the #1 Best Selling enzyme product with its unique Thera-blend™ Technology. The Company has expanded its portfolio beyond enzyme-derived products to respond to the ever-increasing demand by consumers who seek healthier options for improved digestive health and total body wellness. Natural Digestive Health - Enzymes - Detoxification - Dietary Supplements - Cleansing - Immune Support
etherium® by E-Stone Manufacturer Building Materials Engineered Stone Products With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we have advanced sourcing methods and innovative manufacturing processes to bring today's consumers what they want, when they want it. Our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces have the look of rare stone cut from select quarries yet are made with up to 78% post-consumer recycled materials, bringing you the highest quality product while protecting and preserving our planet’s resources. etherium® surfaces are heat, stain and scratch resistant and are now better than ever with 24/7 built-in Microban® Antimicrobial Technology. TREND Group is also a world leader in the production of color glass mosaic, venetian enamel, and gold leaf tesserae. With production and assembly facilities spanning four continents and more than 50 countries, TREND Group is able to bring the highest quality materials from around the world into your home or business. Engineered Stone Slabs - Countertops - Flooring - Walls and Ceiling Coverings - Etherium - Building Supplies - Commercial and Residential Renovations
Export-Import Bank of U.S. Government Financial and Professional Services Export Financing EXIM is an independent federal agency that promotes and supports American jobs by providing competitive and necessary export credit to support sales of U.S. goods and services to international buyers. A robust EXIM can level the global playing field for U.S. exporters when they compete against foreign companies that receive support from their governments. EXIM also contributes to U.S. economic growth by helping to create and sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs in exporting businesses and their supply chains across the United States. In recent years, approximately 90 percent of the total number of the agency’s authorizations has directly supported small businesses. Export Credit Insurance - Export Working Capital - Commercial Loan Guarantees - Business Loans - Business Financing
Falcon’s Creative Group Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Theme Park Development Falcon’s Creative Group is an international powerhouse that specializes in creating immersive experiences. For the past twenty years, our work has been fueled by a compelling combination of cutting-edge technological mastery, intelligent design, vibrant digital content production, and innovative product development. The company is comprised of three divisions: Falcon’s Treehouse, Falcon’s Digital Media, and Falcon’s Licensing. Falcon’s Treehouse transforms spaces through design services such as master planning, architectural visualization, corporate office design, and experience design. Falcon’s Digital Media produces unique content-driven experiences using the latest advances in visual effects (VFX), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), audio design, interactives, and software development. Falcon’s Licensing offers a host of innovative products, including high-fidelity integrated simulation solutions, interactive technologies, and intellectual properties. Theme Park Design - Content Production - Water Park Design - Master Planning
FIU Online - eLearning Services University Educational Institution General College Studies FIU Online is the online learning department at Florida International University. For over 20 years, we have been on the cutting edge of digital course design. Today we offer over 100 fully-online degrees and serve upwards of 42,000 students, all while earning top national rankings in quality and access. But FIU Online also develops high-quality online learning for a wide range of industries, too. Here’s what we can do for you: Learning Content Production: With an eye for the latest trends in engagement, we make subject-matter come alive. Professional Development Consultation: We tailor proven online learning practices to your business to ensure excellence from your team. Instructional Design: Our specialists not only keep up with the hottest tech available but with the latest research in distance learning, too. Visual Design: We cater agency-level aesthetics to learning needs across industries. Multimedia: We produce learner-centered video, photography, and audio. General College Studies - Study Abroad Programs - Research Institution
Flame Boss - Controllers & Thermometers Manufacturer Consumer Goods Outdoor Cooking Products Flame Boss temperature controllers for charcoal grills and smokers make you a better pitmaster. Smoke tender and moist meat with precise and repeatable temperature control in your smoker the way nature intended – low and slow. Just plug it in, set it and forget it. Flame Boss takes it from there by controlling the heat with a blower that ramps up and down, while a meat probe monitors internal temperature so you know when it’s perfectly smoked. Our brand new wifi thermometer can monitor up to four temperatures at once in your grill, oven, slow cooker, and more. Giving you the gift of convenience, you can keep an eye on your temperatures from anywhere with our Flame Boss app available on Android and iOS. Cooking Thermometers - Temperature Controllers - Charcoal Smoker Equipment- Outdoor Cooking- BBQ - Temperature Sensors
Florida A&M University MMERI University Educational Institution General College Studies The Florida A&M University Medical Marijuana Education and Research Initiative (FAMU-MMERI: http://mmeri.famu.edu), directed by Dr. Patricia Green-Powell (Dr. Charles A. Weatherford Principal Investigator), is participating in the 2021 Florida International Trade Expo (March 16-18). The expo is a multi-sector virtual showcase of Florida’s leading products and services. The FAMU-MMERI was established in 2018 to educate minorities about marijuana for medical use and the impact of the unlawful use of marijuana on minority communities. Funding is provided by the Florida Department of Health at the direction of the Florida Legislature. Patents and Product Licensing Research - Study Abroad Programs
Florida Atlantic University University Educational Institution General College Studies Florida Atlantic University, established in 1961, officially opened its doors in 1964 as the fifth public university in Florida. Today, the University serves more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students across six campuses located along the southeast Florida coast and is ranked as a top public university by U.S. News and World Report. FAU is an energetic and dynamic institution, determined to propel itself to the forefront of innovation and scholarship. In recent years, the University has doubled its research expenditures and outpaced its peers in student achievement rates. Our students are bold, ambitious and ready to take on the world. General College Studies - Study Abroad Programs - Research Institution
Florida Export Finance Corporation (FEFC) Non-Governmental Organization Financial and Professional Services Export Financing The Florida Export Finance Corporation (FEFC) was created by the State of Florida in 1993 as a not-for-profit corporation with the mandate to expand employment and income opportunities to Florida residents by increased exports of goods and services resulting from assistance given by the FEFC to Florida companies. Information, technical and consulting assistance is offered. However, financial assistance in the form of loan guarantees is the primary service offered by FEFC. Guarantees are transaction-specific but normally issued as a revolving line of credit. Additionally, FEFC is a participant of the Regional Export Promotion Program (REPP) of the Export Import Bank of the United States (EX-IM Bank) and offers Florida exporters access to export assistance programs offered by EX-IM Bank and SBA. Services include packaging for EX-IM Bank and SBA export working capital guarantees, and other loan, insurance and guarantee programs offered by these U.S. Government agencies. Loan Guarantees - Export Finance - Working Capital - Small Business Financing - Business Consulting - Technical Advise - Financial Assistance
Florida Institute of Technology University Educational Institution General College Studies The Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) is a private, residential, research-intensive, doctoral granting, technological university located in Melbourne on Florida’s “Space Coast.” Florida Tech was founded in 1958 at the dawn of the Space Race that would soon define the Atlantic coast of Florida and captivate the world. Now, with over 60,000 graduates, Florida Tech is ranked among the top 5 percent of 20,000 degree-granting institutions in the 2020-21 World University Rankings. Florida Tech offers degrees in aeronautics and aviation, engineering, computing and cybersecurity, business, science and mathematics, oceanography, psychology, education and communication. Students from more than 100 countries choose to learn through Florida Tech's hands-on, project-based, approach. Organizations choose Florida Tech for research pursuits, capstone projects, internships, and advising of career opportunities. Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics (STEM) Focused Learning - Foreign Student Programs
Florida International University's English Language Institute University Educational Institution General College Studies Our Mission: To provide quality English language instruction to all individuals who have chosen English as their medium of communication for academic or professional pursuits and to promote international and intercultural understanding General College Studies - Study Abroad Programs - Research Institution
Florida Ports Council Non-Governmental Organization Infrastructure and Transportation Economic Development The Florida Ports Council represents Florida’s 14 deepwater seaports, providing leadership through a collective voice in the areas of state and federal advocacy, research and data, and marketing and communications. Florida has a well-established port system with particularly strong maritime connections to the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as many other international markets. It is the only U.S. state with port locations on two major water routes – the Atlantic and the Gulf, allowing businesses located in Florida or using Florida facilities to reach any point in the U.S. and the world in a matter of days. Other advantages to doing business in Florida include access to the state’s consumer market of 21 million residents and 126 million annual visitors, low taxes, abundant labor supply and a larger inventory of warehousing and distribution buildings compared to other states in the Southeast. Maritime Shipping - Cargo Handling - Warehousing - Distribution -Cruise Ship Terminal - Maritime Advocacy - Maritime Council
Florida Realtors® Non-Governmental Organization Financial and Professional Services Real Estate Florida Realtors® is a professional trade association for licensed real estate practitioners and serves as the statewide organization for 51 local and regional Realtor® associations or boards in Florida. Membership is voluntary and consists of both residential and commercial agents and brokers, as well as appraisers, real estate counselors, property managers and many other real estate specialists and related industry affiliates. Florida Realtors’ membership currently totals about 200,000 real estate licensees and is the largest professional trade association in the Sunshine State. The association’s headquarters are in Orlando, while the legislative Office of Public Policy is located in the heart of Tallahassee. Florida Real Estate Association - Relocation Services - Commercial Buildings - Residential Buildings - Site Selection Services - Real Estate Investment - Industrial Development
Florida SBDC Network Non-Governmental Organization Economic Development Organization Small Business Counseling International trade opportunities for Florida-based companies are expanding, and the Florida SBDC Network can help prepare your business for globalization. Our nationally-recognized International Trade Services are designed to connect export-ready, new-to-market, new-to-export businesses with specialists who will guide you through developing and executing an aggressive international growth strategy. Our International Trade Specialists have the tools, strategies, and expertise to help your business grow and succeed abroad. Take advantage of our International Trade Services such as one-on-one consulting and featured training, which includes the Florida Export Series, International Trade Basics, and International Trade Certificate Program. We’ll help you understand the basics of international trade, country product and licensing requirements, compile market research, and prepare an Export Marketing Plan. Export Marketing - Entrepreneurship Training - Business Plan Development - Federal Procurement Counseling
Florida State College at Jacksonville University Educational Institution General College Studies With a long-standing history of providing valuable, high-quality education and training for our community, FSCJ continues to play a lead role in supplying the region’s employers with a highly skilled, educated workforce. More than 160+ degree programs, career and technical certificates, and continuing workforce education programs offered in high-demand industries such as Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design, Business, Education, Health Science, Industry, Manufacturing and Construction, Public Safety, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services. In addition to degree and certificate programs, FSCJ offers resources and programs that help meet the local workforce needs and help companies invest in training, education and employee development. Corporate Training - Business Education - Employee Development - Study Abroad Programs - Graduate and Post-Graduate Degrees - Business Development
Florida State University University Educational Institution General College Studies One of the nation's elite research universities, Florida State University preserves, expands, and disseminates knowledge in the sciences, technology, arts, humanities, and professions, while embracing a philosophy of learning strongly rooted in the traditions of the liberal arts and critical thinking. FSU's welcoming campus is located on the oldest continuous site of higher education in Florida, in a community that fosters free inquiry and embraces diversity, along with championship athletics, and a prime location in the heart of the state capital. FAST FACTS Founded in 1851; oldest continuous site of higher education in Florida Carnegie Commission classification: "Doctoral Universities: Highest Research Activity" 41,717 students from every Florida county and 131 countries Accepted freshman profile for summer/fall 2018: Fall: 4.4 average GPA; 31 average ACT composite score; 1360 average SAT score Summer: 4.0 average GPA; 27 average ACT composite score; 1260 average SAT score. Research - Post-Secondary Education - Study Abroad Programs
FloridaMakes Non-Governmental Organization Economic Development Organization Manufacturing FloridaMakes is a statewide, industry-led, public-private partnership operated by an alliance of Florida's regional manufacturers associations with the sole mission of strengthening and advancing Florida’s economy by improving the competitiveness, productivity and technological performance of its manufacturing sector, with an emphasis on small- and medium-sized firms. It accomplishes this by providing services focused on three principle value streams: technology adoption, talent development, and business growth. FloridaMakes is the official representative of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network in the state of Florida, a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Enterprise Assessment - Strategic Planning - Technology Acceleration - International Market Development - Workforce Training - Supply Chain Optimization - Process Improvement
Genesis Water Technologies Manufacturer Clean Technology Water and Wastewater Treatment Genesis Water Technologies is an award-winning leader in specialized drinking water & wastewater reuse solutions. We specialize in serving industries and water utilities within the US and across the world in meeting their water quality challenges through advanced treatment solutions and services founded upon innovation and collaboration. Process Optimization Engineering Consulting Services - Waste Water Treatment - Industrial Waste Water Treatment - Water Filtration - Treatment Media and Flocculants
Global Tampa Bay Non-Governmental Organization Economic Development Organization Business Development Global Tampa Bay is a regional collaboration between the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council, Pinellas County Economic Development and the Pasco Economic Development Council to increase international business opportunities for companies within the region and to market the region globally as a top business destination. At Global Tampa Bay, we proudly work together with our regional economic partners such as the Tampa International Airport and Port Tampa Bay as well as various Federal, State and local entities to deliver an integrated international strategy. Our mission - to recruit International companies seeking a prime business location in the US and increase international trade opportunities for local companies therefore fostering increased expansion of our economy. Global Trade and Investment for Tampa Bay - Local government - Economic Development - Corporate Relocation - Foreign Direct Investment
Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Hydraulic Parts Goodyear Rubber Products Inc. is a 73 year old industrial rubber products distributor and fabricator, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida with 6 locations throughout the state. We ship worldwide from our main location along with shipping from our manufacturing partners’ factories around the globe. We can work with your preferred freight forwarder and/or FedEx, DHL or UPS International as required or if you do not have a forwarder, we can recommend one for you. We offer the highest level of technical expertise with a staff averaging over 35 years’ experience in the application of Industrial and Hydraulic Hose & Couplings, Tubing, Fluid Sealing Products including Gaskets and Gasket Sheet materials, O-Rings, Expansion Joints, High Temperature Textiles and Power Transmission Products including V-Belts, Timing Belts Sheaves and Pulleys. We also specialize in Conveyor Belts and related accessories. Hydraulic Hoses - Hydraulic Fittings - Hydraulic Couplers - Hydraulic Seals - Industrial Belts - Conveyors - Fire Hoses
GreenTechnologies, LLC Manufacturer Chemicals and Petrochemicals Fertilizers and Waste Water Treatment Technology GreenTechnologies manufactures slow-release biosolids based fertilizers under the brand name GreenEdge®. Our line GreenEdge® of products utilize our patented nutrient recycling process to provide customers environmental sound enhanced efficiency fertilizers. GreenTechnologies serves a wide array of fertilizer markets including agriculture, landscape, professional turf, and retail both domestically and internationally. Fertilizer - Biosolids Processing - Management - Management and Disposal Services to Municipalities
Grid Electrical Solutions Service Provider Clean Technology Clean Energy GRID ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS (GES) is an American Company with more than 25 years of experience that offers turnkey energy solutions that include the latest generation of renewable energy, electrical distribution, and co-generation/tri-generation. GES custom designs Microgrids solutions that integrate renewable and traditional sources of energy into your distribution system with the objective of increasing efficiency, reliability and resiliency of the overall system while reducing cost to the customer. The company also offers other services such as operation and maintenance as well as financial services that include leasing and power purchase agreements (PPA).GES develops projects in the following sectors: Infrastructure: Telecommunications and utilities companies Commercial: Shopping centers, banks, and intelligent buildings Industrial: Food & beverage Hospitality: Hotels and resorts Institutional: Campus, schools, hospitals Government: Municipalities Renewable Energy Integration Systems - Renewable Energy Integration System Designs - Solar Power - Wind Power - Power Management - Substations - Microgrids - Energy Storage
H2O International Manufacturer Consumer Goods Water Filtration Equipment Manufacturer of water filtration systems using GAC and KDF media. Our line of products include countertop, undersink, dispensers and whole-house units, as well as, a water purification pitcher and showerheads. Water Filtration Systems - Residential Water Filters - Kitchen Hardware and Faucets - Bathroom Shower Hardware - POU/POE Water Filtration
Hassell Free Exports, Inc. Distributor Building Materials Building Components Established in 1999, Vernon Hassell and family, originating from the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba, own and operate Hassell Free Companies, Inc. in Palm City, Florida. Our focus for this Expo is on Hassell Free Building Supplies & Exports. We handle purchasing, warehousing, and consolidation of Building Materials and other supplies for large and small construction projects throughout the Caribbean islands. We have a large network of suppliers that offer a wide of range materials allowing us to source materials in a timely manner and at reasonable prices. We also provide assistance in the logistics of getting the materials to their end destination through our Shipping branch. Our main goal is to assist those in the Caribbean construction industry with sourcing materials, however, we are always looking to partner with suppliers of building materials that can be competitive in our market. We hope you enjoy our booth and feel free to reach out with any questions. Export Trading Company - Caribbean Shipping - Building Materials - Flooring - Windows - Doors - Cabinets - Residential Renovation -Residential Construction
Help Hair Inc Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Help Hair® Shake and Help Hair Vitamins , use an All Natural formula including Protein, plus essential Biotin, Niacin and B-12 which are the best hair loss vitamins to help hair grow. The Protein Shake and the hair vitamins nourish the hair follicles from the inside for fast hair growth. We are the #1 Doctor Recommended Non Prescription Product for hair. Use Help Hair® Shake daily with our Help Hair® Vitamins for healthy, fuller looking hair. Our products have been on the market for over 14 years and we have 1000's of happy customers. Recommended by over 400 Dermatology and Hair Loss clinics Worldwide. The Help Hair® System consists of 4 steps for healthier hair and beautiful nails. Our shampoo and conditioner works to remove excess sebum and DHT on the scalp. They both contain botanical extracts that when absorbed by the scalp helps to promote healthy growth. All products are formulated by Dr Shapiro with over 30 years of Hair Restoration Experience. Nutritional Supplements for Hair Growth - Shampoo - Hair Conditioner - Hair Loss - Vitamins -Baldness Treatment - Collagen Products
Hernon Manufacturing Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Adhesives and Sealants Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.® produces high-performance adhesives, sealants, UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing systems. Hernon® maintains a library of over 5000 unique adhesive and sealant formulas in addition to creating customized formulas to address specific manufacturing challenges. A full in-house chemical laboratory ensures quick turnaround on testing and development projects and an on-site Equipment Manufacturing division allows Hernon® to build, service, and integrate unique dispensing systems to even the most exacting specifications. This integration helps Hernon® to provide customers with a Total Solution for any unique application. Hernon® Manufacturing is headquartered in Sanford, FL., and maintains an ever-expanding network of over 100 distributors and partner locations around the globe. Already shipping to over 60 nations, Hernon® can provide adhesive solutions to manufacturing operations anywhere in the world. Industrial Adhesives - Sealants - Thread Sealants - Curing Solutions - Adhesive Dispensing Robots - Gasket Sealants - Leak Prevention
Honeycomb Company of America Manufacturer Aviation and Aerospace Military and Commercial Aviation Parts Honeycomb Company of America has been supplying quality products and services to the Aerospace Industry since 1948. The company specializes in bonded aerostructures utilizing metal to metal, metal to honeycomb core, and composite construction. Honeycomb is a vertically integrated company that encompasses engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurances activities. The company has the resources to handle build to print manufacturing of virtually any aerostructure. When required, Honeycomb can reverse engineer products that lack the technical data required for manufacture. In addition to manufacturing, Honeycomb has repair facilities that can handle a wide variety of aerostructure repairs. When a repair is beyond the limits of traditional repairs, our engineering team can often design and document a repair strategy for submission to the appropriate regulatory body. In many cases, Honeycomb can repair parts that would have otherwise required more costly replacement. Aerostructures - Honeycomb Core and Bonded Composites - Nadcap Accredited - Metal to Metal Bonded Honeycomb Composites - Aviation Parts Engineering
Hosmed Inc Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Hospital Equipment Hosmed Inc. has defined comprehensive care in the provision of medical equipment, medical devices, laboratory equipment and pharmaceuticals. We are an American company based in Miramar, Florida since 2009. Hosmed Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality medical equipment with different modalities such as: Anesthesia and Respiratory, Life Care Solutions, Diagnostic Cardiology, Maternal Infant Care, Ultrasound, X-Ray, IV Therapy, Operating Room, Laboratory, Hospital Furniture and other related products for hospitals, clinics, and primary care. Hosmed Inc. has a dedicated team of staff to carry biomedical training and technical and support to our distributors from around the world with the purpose of assisting them in the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of our medical equipment. Our products are widely exported to Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia. Anesthesia and Respiratory, Life Care Solutions, Diagnostic Cardiology, Maternal Infant Care, Ultrasound, X-Ray, IV Therapy, Operating Room Medical Equipment
HospitalesMoviles.com Distributor Life Sciences & Medical Technology Portable Medical and Emergency Facilities HospitalesMoviles.com plans, designs and executes medical and related turnkey projects throughout the globe – our emphasis and objective are to provide Fast Deployable Modular Hospitals! These projects can be, Mobile Field Hospitals, Prefabricated, Modular Hospitals and Clinics. Mobile Hospitals - Mobile Clinics - Field Hospitals - PreFab Covid Hospitals - Medical Waste Technology Autoclaves and Shredders - Medical Equipment Integrator
IBT Online Service Provider Information Technology Internet Marketing Since 2002, we have been focused on helping companies grow their business internationally. Our Online Global programs have a proven track record delivering measurable exports, sales, brand, and business growth for our corporate clients, through best-practice website localization, international online marketing and ecommerce. Website Localization -International Online Marketing
IMR Environmental Equipment Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Air and Gas Monitoring Equipment IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. designs and manufactures combustion analyzers. We have a worldwide presence. We produce equipment for quick site testing as well as C.E.M.S. equipment for in place analysis. These are a few examples of use cases for our equipment: HVAC, Energy, Process Control, Glass Manufacturing, Power Plants, Food, Universities, Everywhere Gas Analysis is required. IMR Analyzers - Gas Leak Detectors - Flue Gas Analyzers - Air and Gas Emissions Monitors - Air Quality Monitors - CEMS - Portable Gas and Air Analyzers
Indian River State College University Educational Institution General College Studies As a leader in education and innovation, Indian River State College transforms lives by offering high-quality, affordable, and accessible education. IRSC is a comprehensive college accredited to award Baccalaureate Degrees, Associate Degrees, and Career and Technical Certificates. Technical Certifications - Bachelor's Degree - Study Abroad Programs
Industry Equipments Inc. Manufacturer Fire and Safety Fire Extinguishers and Rescue Equipment Serve Professionally and Integrally to Industry Processes, Saving Lives, Saving Time and Money, Continuously Improving the Conditions for Our Future with Effectiveness and Maximum Performance Equipment. Mini Pumpers (Fire Equipment) - Ambulance Equipment - Fire Truck Equipment - Reconditioned Construction Equipment - Reconditioned Fire Trucks - Reconditioned Ambulances
Infinium Medical Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Medical Equipment Established in 2001, Infinium Medical is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical equipment. Based in the United States, Infinium Medical has a reputation for providing industry leading technology and quality. We specialize in Patient Monitors, Anesthesia Systems, Surgical Tables, Video Laryngoscopes, Shockwave Therapy and Telehealth Solutions. Besides the United States market, Infinium Medical has vast international distributor network, encompassing 87 countries. Patient Monitoring Medical Equipment - Capnography - EKG - Anesthesia Delivery - Surgical Table - Pulse Oximeter
iQ Valves Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Medical Equipment iQ Valves is a precision fluid control solenoid valve manufacturer providing engineered solutions for OEM applications. iQ holds numerous patents for flow control devices. We are proud of our innovative engineering and fast turnaround time. iQ Valves Co. was incorporated in 2005 after years of experience in manufacturing and solenoid industries under the previous name Teknocraft Inc. The Company has provided manufacturing and engineering services dealing with solenoid valve technology for medical, instrumentation, and industrial applications dating back to 1984. An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Fluid Control Solenoid Valve - Proportional Valves - Solenoid Valves - Ventilator Equipment Parts
IRI, The CoSort Company Manufacturer Information Technology Big Data Management and Protection Founded 1978, Innovative Routines International (IRI), a/k/a IRI, The CoSort Company, is a US data management ISV renowned for fast data manipulation and targeted data security solutions. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, IRI is represented in 40 cities worldwide. IRI customers are in many industries that have large or sensitive data in different sources to process, protect, present, or prototype. Powered by IRI CoSort or Hadoop engines, the IRI Voracity data management platform combines data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics in a single pane of glass, built on Eclipse. Voracity includes products in the IRI Data Manager [CoSort, Fast Extract, NextForm and RowGen] and the IRI Data Protector [FieldShield, CellShield EE, and DarkShield] suites to provide multi-source data profiling and classification, fast data transformation and migration, data warehouse ETL and data wrangling, data cleansing and PII masking, realistic test data, and more. Data Privacy - Data Breach Prevention - Big Data Management - Data Masking - Re-ID Risk Scoring - Data Warehouse - ETL - Test Data - GDPR - Business Intelligence - Data Migration - Cyber Security
Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) Service Provider Infrastructure and Transportation Port Authority Located in the Southeastern U.S. at the crossroads of the nation’s rail and highway network, the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is your global gateway to Florida, the nation’s third-largest state. JAXPORT is Florida’s largest container port and one of the nation’s largest vehicle-handling ports. Dozens of ocean carriers call at JAXPORT, offering you competitive transit times to 140 ports in more than 70 countries. JAXPORT offers shippers seamless transportation via 100 trucking firms and 40 daily trains via Class I railroads CSX and NS and regional rail line FEC. JAXPORT’s experienced sales team can help you develop a personalized plan to benefit your business. Contact us today or learn more about JAXPORT’s advantages. Maritime Shipping - Cargo Handling - Warehousing - Distribution - Cruise Ship Terminal
Just Fur Fun Manufacturer Consumer Goods Pet Supplies Dressing up can be so much fun! Now when you accessorize so can your furry friends! Just Fur Fun® has a full line of unique canine, feline, human and equine hand-beaded accessories; so pairing together the perfect dog collar for them, with matching belt for you, will be fun and easy! Just Fur Fun® wants to help create that extra special bond between you and your animals because we believe expressing your individual style should continue through the leash! Our supple leather leashes and collars are adorned with beading handmade to match each other, as well as fun accessories for you crafted especially to match! Our Just Fur Fun® unique product line includes: pet collars, pet leashes, leather belts, and for the equine set; handmade beaded browbands, spurs and spur straps. All Just Fur Fun® items are 100% handmade in the USA. Be prepared for the oohs and ahhhs because now a walk in the park will turn heads with your matching beaded pet and people accessories! Hand Beaded Dog Collars - Hand Beaded Dog Leashes - Hand Beaded Belts - Beaded Jewelry
Keiser University University Educational Institution Workforce Education, Allied Health, and Global Business At Keiser University, we're here to help you succeed by providing the professional and academic foundations needed to meet your educational goals and objectives. Co-founded by Dr. Arthur Keiser, Chancellor, with just one student over 43 years ago, today Keiser University is Florida’s largest, not-for-profit university. Keiser is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a level six university, signifying its expanded doctorate level degrees and research interests. As a member of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida Keiser serves over 20,000 students at its 21 campuses in Florida. Keiser is recognized by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Keiser University continues to be a valuable partner to employers, the community, and, above all, a valued choice for students serious about their education and career. Associate to Doctorate Degree Programs - Allied Health - Technical Science - Business Management - Information Technology - Hospitality
KIZANDY Manufacturer Consumer Goods Confectionery Products Kizandy, an American Company was established in 2010 to create a line of confectionary products packaged in innovative designer tins that would appeal to consumers world wide. We took our time to research, develop and create products that have great flavors and a wide international appeal. Our ability to create innovative package design has resulted in award winning designer tins. Which has benefited retailers in generating increased in over 40 countries! Sugar Free Candies - Candy Gift Items
Kushae by BK Naturals Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Kushae is the #1 and ONLY natural feminine hygiene product line created by an OB/GYN...Kushae is all natural care for down there! OB/GYN - Feminine Health Care
LatamXport LLC Distributor Consumer Goods Emergency Preparedness Supplies LatamXport LLC is a Certified Minority Owned Business. We provide emergency preparedness and disaster relief products such as COVID-19 Medical Supplies, Sandless Sandbags, Satellite Phones. These products can be purchased by Government Entities, Small Businesses, Private and Public sectors, Homeowner Associations, Public & Private Schools, Hospitals, Fire Fighters, Constructions and other local community and emergency response units. Emergency Preparedness - Disaster Relief - COVID-19 Medical Supplies - Sandless Sandbags - Satellite Communications- Emergency Food Rations- Sunscreen Mosquito Repellent
Liquid-Vet by COOL PET Holistics Manufacturer Consumer Goods Pet Supplies Liquid-Vet® is the #1 brand of liquid dose “nutraceuticals” for pets that are tastier, easier, and faster acting than the pills, powders, and chews currently on the market. Plus, Liquid-Vet® Formulas are made in the USA & have a money back guarantee. Pet Health & Wellness Supplements
LOKSAK Manufacturer Consumer Goods Personal Products Storage LOKSAK, Inc. of Naples, Florida is the inventor of aLOKSAK, OPSAK, SHIELDSAK and CBRNSAK. Our products are the only resealable and completely waterproof, dust proof and humidity proof storage bags available on the consumer market. Our products were originally designed to keep contents safe from water, but it quickly became evident that the bag was capable of much more. In 2006, as product development revealed the possibility of making our storage bags impenetrable to odors as well, we launched a new product–OPSAK durable bags. These odor-proof bags are perfect for keeping refrigerators free of strong odors and for keeping wildlife away from food at campsites. LOKSAK sells products in markets as diverse as the applications of our products. We sell internationally into most outdoor and civilian markets as well as all branches of the military, government and law enforcement worldwide. When it comes to superior storage, we’re ready to meet the next great challenge. Reusable Storage Bags - Waterproof Containers - Radio Frequency Shield - Dust Proof Containers - Humidity Proof Containers
Loos Naples Manufacturer Aviation and Aerospace Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul A full service supplier of custom machining, wire rope, wire rope fittings, tools, and assemblies. Custom Machining - Wire Rope - Wire Rope Fittings -Tension Gauges - Cable Cutters - Pulleys - Sheaves
Lotus Bio-Mineral Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Live a clean, beautiful life everyday and in every occasion with the confidence of wearing products you can trust. Our clean beauty lotus bio mineral cosmetics are carefully created and produced without toxic ingredients. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of transparency with the simplicity of multi-functional, quality-based ingredients. Through intelligent innovation, compliance and promotion, the Clean Beauty Movement is connecting supply chains, meeting compliance requirements and achieving goals set by consumers and brands alike. Cosmetics- Beauty Products - Skin Care Products
Madico, Inc. Manufacturer Automotive Glass Coatings and Laminates Madico, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative window films, coatings, metallizing and laminate solutions. Madico engineers products to exceed expectations in industries around the globe including automotive, architecture, healthcare, aerospace and consumer electronics. ProtectionPro® is the most advanced touchscreen shield and body protector for all devices. Our on-demand cutting system and cloud-based software that includes more than 20,000 custom device patterns ensure that retailers will be able to cover any device from the newest releases to legacy models. Thousands of global retailers carry ProtectionPro. Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida., Madico puts customers first with flexible, collaborative manufacturing. Through robust Research and Development, Madico excels at developing innovative applications to solve customer challenges. Since 1903, Madico has pioneered products with an unrivaled commitment to quality. Film Coatings - Window Coatings - Glass Coatings- Laminates - Window Tinting - Glass Tinting - Automotive Accessories - Marine Accessories - Transportation Equipment
Magic Tilt Trailers, Inc. Manufacturer Marine Products and Technology Boat Trailers and Parts Since 1953, Magic Tilt Trailers, Inc has always been producing the highest quality boat trailers at an exceptional value. The years of experience, ongoing quality improvements, and millions of miles on our trailers give you the peace of mind that Magic Tilt manufactures a trailer that is worthy of your trust and investment. Boat Trailers and Parts
Magna-Bon International Distributor Chemicals and Petrochemicals Agricultural Fungicides Magna Bon International LLC is the overseas distributor of Magna Bon products ( www.magnabon.com) including its world renown product CS-2005. This low content copper in-solution fungicide has proven to be an industry leader and solution to growers' needs. The product is currently being sold and tested in trials in Brazil, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Israel. We welcome all distributors that would like to test and trial the product. We will assist in providing samples and designing crop trial protocols to insure success. Low Copper Organic Fungicides - Agricultural Bactericide - Agricultural Equipment Sanitization - Copper Sulfate
Mainstream Engineering Corporation / QwikProducts by Mainstream Manufacturer Chemicals and Petrochemicals Automotive and HVAC Treatment Equipment and Supplies Mainstream was founded in 1986 by Dr. Robert P. Scaringe. Mainstream is a solution-oriented, research, development and manufacturing small business located in Rockledge, FL. Mainstream started out with two R&D contracts from the U.S. Air Force. We now manufacture equipment and perform R&D research for most agencies of the U.S. government and many government prime contractors. Mainstream’s products are sold worldwide and we hold a Department of Defense Commercialization Index of 95%. QwikProducts by Mainstream Engineering manufactures innovative high-quality products, and provides training, testing and certification for the HVAC/R Industry. Air Purifier/Sanitizer - Terminal Repair Kits - Acid Test Kit - Leak Sealant - Refrigerant and Oil Treatment - Foaming Coil Cleaner - Mold Test Kit - CO Detector Test Kit - Smoke Alarm Test Gas
Mamachas Trading Distributor Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Representing prestigious professional and retail cosmetic and skincare brands worldwide. Cosmetics - Beauty Supplies - Personal Care Products
Mason Vitamins, Inc. Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products About Mason Vitamins Quality You Can Trust since 1967 Our Story It all started in 1967 with a vision to manufacture high quality products and maintain the best customer service. Our business began in local drugstores, and since then we have expanded our market presence and gained consumer acceptance worldwide. We know your family’s health is your number one priority, therefore, over the years we have added over 300 vitamins and supplements to our line to fit your health needs and support your lifestyle. Our Commitment We are committed to our products and your well-being. As part of our mission, we strive to provide the best products for sustaining a healthy lifestyle by using the highest quality ingredients that meet regulatory requirements. Dietary Supplements - Vitamins - Herbals - Gummies - Beauty Creams - Essential Oils
McILPACK Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products At Mcilpack we take pride in being able to offer a wide variety of services in-house, which allows us to be your one-stop-shop for all of the needs that may arise from your cosmetic product project. No project is too little or too big for us. Whether you want hair color products, skin care, or spa products, we can help you. If you don’t’ have a formula, we can help you develop one. If you do have a formula, we can manufacture the product for you, or even help you improve your formula. We want to help you create your product and get it out in the market, with one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. Contact us so that we can get started working on your project. Contract Manufacturing - Hair Care - Hair Color - Skin Care - Bath Products
Meopta Manufacturer Photonics and Optics Military and Aerospace Optics Meopta is an international company with a long, rich tradition of developing, manufacturing, and assembling world-class optical, opto-mechanical, and optoelectronic products. Meopta‘s state-of-the-art design, engineering manufacturing and assembly capabilities enable it to provide the highest quality products and services to the industrial, military and consumer markets. Optical - Opto Mechanical - Optoelectronic - Digital Cinematic Projectors - Aerospace Technologies - Military Weapon Systems
Meryt Manufacturer Consumer Goods Cleaning and Sanitizing Products Meryt Corp manufactures high quality hand Sanitizers, disinfectant, specialty cleaners and degreasers in Broward County Florida, USA. Meryt Corp Industrial Products are formulated using advanced organic hybrid & environmentally friendly technologies. Our creative team of chemists and engineers have over 45 years of combined experience formulating specialty chemicals for the regulated industries. Our FDA registered hand sanitizers and EPA disinfectants meet the highest quality standard on the marketplace. Meryt Corp mission has always been developing greener and more sustainable products for the environment creating solutions across multiple industries. Cleaning Chemicals - Disinfectant Chemicals - Hand Sanitizers
Miami Dade College University Educational Institution Global Business, Trade & Transportation Studies Miami Dade College is the most diverse institution in the nation. The college’s eight campuses, outreach centers and MDC Online offer more than 300 distinct degree pathways including associate and baccalaureate degrees, career certificates and apprenticeships. MDC is the recipient of many top national awards including the Aspen Prize. The College serves as an economic, cultural and civic leader for the advancement of our diverse global community. Its alumni and employees contribute more than $3 billion annually to the local economy, and MDC graduates occupy top leadership positions in every major industry. For more information, visit mdc.edu. MDC is represented at the FITE by four of its schools: The Miguel B. Fernandez Family School of Global Business, Trade and Transportation, Business Innovation and Technology (BIT) Center, Continuing Education and Professional Development (SCEPD), Engineering and Technology (EnTec), MDC Online, The School of Science. Global Business - Trade & Transportation Studies - Study Abroad Programs
Miami International University of Art & Design University Educational Institution Art Sciences Miami International University of Art and Design (MIU) is a creative art university in a premier destination for students interested in studying in the USA. Our campus is located in the heart of Miami’s Art and Design Districts. Our degree’s programs are organized into the fields of Fashion, Gaming & Technology, Film & Production, Animation & Effects, Marketing, Interior & Industrial Design, Visual Design and Culinary. All our degrees have a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and business and focus in specific concentrations, such as Fashion Design and Merchandising, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Computer Animation, Visual Effects, Audio Production, Digital Filmmaking, Game Art & Design and more! Virtual Design - Interior Design - Animation and Effects - Film and Production - Fashion
Miracle Fruit Oil Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Miracle Fruit Oil Company provides innovative high-performance health/wellness & beauty products clinically proven effective and backed by solid science containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®. We are the world's 1st and only company to make products containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, a rare and exotic fruit seed oil derived from a natural and healthy source, the miracle fruit berry. Patents were filed and trademarks registered in the USA and internationally. Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment is the world's first and only hair oil product containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, clinically-proven to be safe and effective in strengthening hair, reducing breakage, decreasing hair loss due to breakage, and restoring hair from damage. Fruit Seed Oil Hair Treatment - Beauty Supplies - Cosmetics - Hair Treatment
Morganna's Alchemy Skin Care Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products At Morganna's Alchemy, we're committed to creating skincare products that cater to every skin type. Morganna’s Alchemy has long been dedicated to finding quality natural ingredients from all over the world and our search has helped us to identify some of the best ingredients that nature has to offer. By using our signature process of Phyto-Dermo-Cosmeceuticals, highly potent actives are put in synergy, delivering powerful results quickly and safely. Backed by traceable and clinically proven ingredients, Morganna's Alchemy is potent, sustainable, and natural skincare you can trust. COSMOS Eco-Certified. Made in the USA. Wrinkle Reduction - Cosmetics - Antioxidants - Cleansers - Eye Care - Hair Care - Face Scrubs and Masks - Organic Skin Care
Motive Learning Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Employee Training Your industry, your processes, your policies. Nothing cookie cutter about it. • Instructional Design focused on an engaging user experience • Data analysts that determine your company's compliance • Video professionals skilled in the art of communication At Motive Learning we believe all great projects start with a creative vision and strategy. We lead you through our creative approach to shape the vision for your training to ensure it fits strategically with your goals and objectives. Together we carefully analyze your organization’s culture and learner dynamics to determine the appropriate eLearning format, tone, level of interactivity, use of humor, and other characteristics that enhance the learning experience. Employee Qualification Management - Employee Training - Job Training - Employee Performance Evaluation
MRE STAR Manufacturer Food Products Meals Ready to Eat MRE STAR MRE meals, Ready to Eat (MREs) are self-contained, nutritionally balanced rations produced to military specifications for long shelf life and great taste. A single complete meal contains between 1,100-1,300 calories and includes an entrée, starch, snack, dessert, fruit flavored drink mix and an accessory pack with all of the essentials, plus coffee, candy and red pepper flakes. MRE meals are ready to eat and if you add the flameless ration heater, then you can have a hot, delicious and nutritious meal, anywhere and anytime. Military and Emergency Food Rations
MRT Cloud Service Provider Information Technology Telecommunications Through partnership with Avaya, AutoCrew Cloud software provides business continuity, reliable communication and flexibility to all industries, including healthcare, education, corporate and federal and local governments. AutoCrew Cloud ensures your organization remains uninterrupted during these unpredictable times. Our system has been tailored to meet the various needs of organizations during the COVID 19 pandemic, ensuring responses are timely, fluid and effective - giving communities the best chance of staying safe. These solutions are not limited but include: Citizen Awareness campaigns Automated COVID return to work surveys Automated Contact Tracing (organizational and State level) Vaccine eligibility and rollout campaigns Appointment scheduling and reminders In addition to COVID 19 solutions MRT specializes in mass notification, IVR Auto forms and Auto Attendants, Web Chat and Hotlines customizable to your needs. AutoCrew Cloud (ACNS) - Emergency Communications Technology - Disaster Communication Technology - Marine Rescue Equipment
Multicom Manufacturer Information Technology Broadband Networking Equipment Next Gen Fiber Optic Products - Multicom is announcing its next-generation Fiber Optic Actives and Passives with details on the Multicom website: www.multicominc.com. Multicom is also announcing a whole new singlemode and multi-mode fiber optic-based product line, including installation and instrumentation products: Multicom automated Fusion Splicer, OTDR, and more – available now. The next generation, feature-rich, value-priced Multicom brand fiber optic product line also includes 1310 and 1550nm Optical Transmitters, standard and high power 1550nm EDFAs, Optical Receivers, standard and high power and receive-only Micro-Nodes, and a variety of Corning-fiber-based passives, splitters, WDMs, patch and splice enclosures and Corning fiber optic cable. Multicom is proud to provide state-of-the-art, GPON/FTTH/HFC/Wireless/IT/fiber optic end-to-end solutions for data-voice-video networks – at incredible pricing. Broadband Networking Equipment - Fiber Optic Cable - Pole Line Hardware - Video Encoders and Modulators - Satellite Dishes - Fiber Optic Test Equipment
Multi-Media Works Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Video Production Multi-Media Works is a multiple award-winning media company producing videos, public relations, content writing and social media. Our core is writing and producing storytelling videos--mini-movies for companies, government agencies, nonprofits. What makes you remarkable? We discover and bring that to life in videos that are memorable. In addition, we promote the videos with digital marketing to drive traffic to your Website. As generalists based in South Florida, we have produced locally, nationally and worldwide. Video is a powerful marketing tool. It engages and convinces prospects to choose you over your competition. Today people prefer watching more than reading—83% of all Internet traffic is video. Video Productions - PR - Content Writing
Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company Manufacturer Food Products Beverages For the last 30 years, we have been dedicated to feeding families a source of authentic nutrition. Producing fresh, clean label juice has been a labor of love for our family. Natural Juices - Organic juices - Dietary Supplements - Detoxification Products
Natural Vitamins Laboratory Corp Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Custom manufacturing of vitamins and supplements in different doses and forms for brand owners Vitamins and Supplements - Nutritional Supplements, Minerals - Herbs - Private Label Manufacturing
New England Machinery Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Packaging Equipment An international leader in innovation and advanced technology, New England Machinery (NEM) manufactures high-speed packaging machinery for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, automotive, chemical, and personal care industries. NEM specializes in Unscramblers, Cappers, Orienters, Lidders, Cap Tighteners, Overcappers, Pump Sorters, Pump Placers, Scoop Feeders, Pluggers, Hopper Elevators, Spout Inserters and more. In addition to a full line of quality standard products, NEM designs and builds custom packaging machinery for special applications. New England Machinery has over 47 years of experience and thousands of machines placed worldwide, both at Fortune 500 companies as well as small start-up businesses. Founded in 1974 by experienced packaging engineers, NEM continues to invest heavily in R&D to provide state of the art technology to its many customers. Advanced technology coupled with superior customer service has earned NEM a reputation of the highest regard. Packaging Equipment - Unscramblers - Cappers - Orienters - Retorquers - Pump Placers - Lidders - Scoop Feeders
NonaMins Gummy Vitamins Distributor Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products NonaMins vitamin line boosts immunity and overall health. Physician formula made with the highest quality of ingredients: * Nonamins Kids complete MultiVitamins provide a daily boost to your children’s immune system with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C & D, Zinc and Calcium. A great way to improve nutrition for picky eaters. * Nonamins Vitamin D is ideal for bone health, cancer prevention and general well being. It alleviates Depression, Fatigue , body aches and pains. Get rid of the blah! * Nonamins Iron with Multivitamins is the most delicious way to get your iron in. Along with B-complex, these vitamins will help increase your energy levels, sleep better and get rid of mind fog, improving your focus and help nourish and restore your body’s depleted iron stores. Vitamins - Supplements - Health and Wellness Products
NovoaGlobal, Inc. Manufacturer Transportation and Equipment Infrastructure and Transportation NovoaGlobal® is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced traffic management, photo enforcement and intelligence solutions designed to improve traffic safety, reduce road injuries and fatalities and help law enforcement reduce/solve crime in their communities. NovoaGlobal’s automated red light camera and speed photo enforcement solutions incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies in camera and video detection, HD image capture and image processing, and multi-tracking radar, to name just a few. With Red Light & Speed Photo Enforcement, NovoaGlobal assists municipalities to reach Vision Zero and Safe City goals. NovoaGlobal offers additional enforcement capabilities such as crosswalk, gridlock, stop sign, parking, oversize vehicle, railroad crossing, electronic ticketing, and body cam. In addition, NovoaGlobal’s Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system is fully integrated into our red light and speed enforcement solution. Traffic technology is not merely our business; it is our passion. We work tirelessly to improve traffic safety every day. Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE), Public Safety, Road sSafety, Traffic Management, Traffic Safety, Photo Enforcement, Traffic Safety Camera, Automated Enforcement, Law Enforcement, Red Light Camera, Speed Camera
Olivia Oils & Supplements Distributor Consumer Goods Retail Products Distribution OLIVIA is fueled by dedication. We are committed to providing products that help people live healthier, happier lives.​It began with a vision to create a distinctive portfolio focused on new concepts. Our knowledge and experience sets the high standard and quality required in creating each category.​As we continue our never-ending journey towards improving healthy lifestyles, YOU will always be at the heart of OLIVIA. Export Management Company - Food Products - Personal Care Products - Supermarket Product Distribution - Retail Food Distribution - Consumer Goods
Organic Farms Vitamins Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Organic Farms Vitamins has a broad line of top quality, all natural vitamin and dietary supplement products made in the USA, that has grown over the last twenty-five years. A main feature that sets us apart from most supplement brands is the variety of complex formulas we offer rather than only single ingredient products. Our complex formulas target multiple causes of certain health conditions with a more comprehensive approach instead of requiring several other products for the same benefits. Organic Farms Vitamins are carried in major pharmacy retailers such as Walgreens, and many other independent pharmacies and health food stores. We also have a very active direct sales program in Puerto Rico with a database of over 300,000 customers. We are now expanding internationally to bring our quality and proven products to other countries. We are interested to work with distributors or directly with retailers that want to provide their health conscious customers a trusted solution. Dietary Supplements - Vitamins - Herbal Preparations
PABOT Service Provider Industrial Equipment and Supplies Manufacturer's Representative THE LEADER IN GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL CONSULTING Our company is associated with professionals with expertise in many fields from many continents. We are ready to solve your problems related to the manufacture of diamond tools, friction materials, and thermosetting resins. We provide raw materials, production equipment, semi & finished products, and third-party consulting services. Our global experience enables us to understand different cultures and provides us the flexibility and ability to deal with diverse industries. Raw Material Sourcing - 3rd Party Consulting Services - Export Trading Company - Diamond Tools - Industrial Equipment
Palladio Beauty Group Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Palladio Beauty Group is a leading clean beauty American company founded in 1999 by industry veterans and is headquartered in South Florida. It focuses on Professional value product lines that include: Palladio Cosmetics Renowned for its good for your skin botanical and vitamin-infused formulas. Palladio Cosmetics are Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, and offers a large assortment of Vegan and Gluten-Free Products. Probelle A leading professional nail and foot care company specializing in nail and foot care treatments, and anti-fungal care Prolana A professional salon product brand that focuses on nail strengthening In the U.S.A Palladio is sold in the professional beauty channel with over 5,000 points of sales. Globally, Palladio products are sold in over 50 countries. Cosmetics - Beauty Supplies - Make Up Kits - Tools and Brushes - Vitamin Infused Cosmetics
Palm Beach Atlantic University University Educational Institution General College Studies Palm Beach Atlantic University is settled in the heart of one of America’s most beautiful and popular destinations, downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to the natural beauty of our location on the Intracoastal Waterway, PBA offers unparalleled academic and professional opportunities. We offer over 50 academic programs and majors and our average class size is about 17 students. You will be a valued individual whose goals, interests, needs and dreams are supported every day by a faculty of dedicated Christian men and women who are acclaimed experts and dedicated teachers. A Christian world view is infused into all aspects of the PBA experience, from the classroom to student life. Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees - Study Abroad Programs - Arts - Humanities - Sciences
Palm Beach Naturals Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Founded in 2014, Palm Beach Naturals is dedicated to developing safe, natural and effective alternatives to the harsh and often toxic chemicals and medications commonly used in today’s health and beauty products. The FOOT SENSE line of all-natural foot care products has been found to be a highly effective alternative to the chemical based and other less effective products that consumers have relied on. We produce the highest quality products using only the finest natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. All our products are made in the USA and backed by our 100% money back guarantee. Simply said, the FOOT SENSE line is a game changer! Organic Foot Products - Beard Products - Protein Drinks - Probiotics
Pegasus Medical.net Service Provider Life Sciences & Medical Technology Hospital Equipment Pegasus Medical Concepts Incorporated is a worldwide leader in providing successful medical storage solutions for today’s leading Healthcare Organizations Our broad product line includes a wide range of medical storage solutions and medical cabinets as well as a variety of transportation, resuscitation, and procedure carts. Carts - Cabinets - Open Racks - Storage - Furniture
Perry Baromedical Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Medical Equipment Perry Baromedical is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) systems. It benefits from over 60 years of experience with pressure-vessel engineering and production. Perry has installed over 1,500 systems in healthcare facilities across 40+ countries, with over 4.5 million treatments completed safely. Hyperbaric chambers are US FDA Class II medical devices used in the treatment of fourteen (14) US FDA-approved medical indications for use. Among these are chronic wounds including DFUs, post-radiation injuries, and compromised flaps and grafts. Perry counts among its customers the most advanced wound care clinical services chains in the USA, the US NAVY and AIR FORCE, as well as reference hospitals in USA, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, and elsewhere. Perry produces the world’s largest and most comfortable monoplace and dual-place HBOT chamber models, including both the Sigma and BARA-MED series branded products. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers
Pole Star Service Provider Aviation and Aerospace GPS Tracking Technology At Pole Star we develop pioneering technologies, keeping you at the forefront of maritime insight and empowering your real-world decisions. We are proud to work with governments and businesses across the supply chain. Together, we play an essential part in creating a transparent, secure, and compliant operating environment. Our wide range of solutions are designed specifically to turn complex data into accessible insight across regulatory conformance, sanctions screening, trade compliance, tracking, monitoring, and ship security. Marine Surveillance - Incident Management - Enhanced Geospatial Data Service - Commercial Maritime Tracking - LRIT Conformance - Marine Domain Awareness
Port Canaveral Service Provider Infrastructure and Transportation Port Authority Port Canaveral is a world-class gateway for cruises, cargo, recreation and logistics, as well as a portal to new frontiers. Port Canaveral has a significant role and responsibility in building and sustaining a strong economy on Florida’s Space Coast and the Central Florida region – now the 10th-largest consumer market in the United States, with economic growth well above the national average. With a diversified cargo portfolio and growing needs of the region’s commercial space operations, the port is investing in increasing capacity with harbor and landside infrastructure improvements, such as building and refurbishing multipurpose deepwater berths to keep pace with demands and promote economic prosperity for the region. The Port’s Foreign-Trade Zone No.136 provides a unique quadrimodal transportation hub, linking sea, land, air and space with benefits that include easy highway access, unrestricted air draft, 43-foot deepwater sea access and uncongested multipurpose berthing. Maritime Shipping - Cargo Handling - Warehousing - Distribution -Cruise Ship Terminal
Port Everglades Non-Governmental Organization Infrastructure and Transportation Port Authority A global powerhouse for international trade, Port Everglades typically handles more than one million TEUs annually and serves as a gateway to Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. Located within the Florida cities of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Dania Beach, Port Everglades is in the heart of one of the world’s largest consumer regions, including a constant flow of approximately 112 million visitors statewide and 6 million residents within an 80-mile radius. Port Everglades has direct access to the interstate highway system and the Florida East Coast Railway’s 43-acre intermodal container transfer facility, and is closer to the Atlantic Shipping Lanes than any other Southeastern U.S. port. Ongoing capital improvements and expansion totaling $3 billion within the next 10 years ensure that Port Everglades continues to handle future growth in container traffic. Maritime Shipping - Cargo Handling - Warehousing - Distribution
Port Tampa Bay Service Provider Infrastructure and Transportation Port Authority Port Tampa Bay has emerged as Florida’s new supply chain solution for container cargo, expanding its role as the state’s leading gateway for bulk & break bulk commodities. The addition of direct Asia container services & new connections to Mexico have significantly enhanced our role in serving the State’s largest & fastest growing market— the Tampa Bay/Orlando I-4 Corridor, Florida’s Distribution Hub. This Central Florida region is also one of the hottest industrial real estate markets in the country & Florida’s hub for distribution, logistics & manufacturing. Home to close to half of Florida’s population of 21 million residents, & welcoming a majority of the more than 126 million tourists every year, the I-4 Corridor has the largest concentration of DCs in the state. As the front door to the I-4, Port Tampa Bay is well situated to serve the continued growth of the region, fueling demand for retail, ecommerce, food & beverage, energy products, & construction & building materials. Maritime Shipping - Cargo Handling - Warehousing - Distribution -Cruise Ship Terminal
PortMiami Government Infrastructure and Transportation Port Authority PortMiami moved 1,066,738 TEUs, representing over $45 billion in value of goods. PortMiami is fortunate to move cargo from three major regions of the world, with 46% of our cargo being from Latin America and the Caribbean, 33% from Asia, 20% from Europe, a true Global Gateway. We look forward to growing cargo in cooperation with our fellow Florida ports. Maritime Shipping - Cargo Handling - Warehousing - Distribution -Cruise Ship Terminal
Power-Pole Products Manufacturer Marine Products and Technology Marine Anchors and Accessories JL Marine (Power-Pole Products), innovators of the original Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors, offers a wide range of marine accessories engineered to provide Total Boat Control, including their flagship Blade Series hydraulic anchors, the electric Micro Spike Driver, the CHARGE Marine Power Management Station (North America only) and more. Shallow Water Anchors - Anchors - Marine Electronics - Trolling Motors - Electric Marine Motors
PPP Traffic Safety Innovations Manufacturer Infrastructure and Transportation Pedestrian and Motorist Safety We passionately bring to market roadway safety innovations that save and protect lives to forward thinking organizations, world-wide, that desire economical solutions that can be easily implemented to meet evolving roadway demands and eliminate fatalities. Pavement Marking Products - Traffic Sign Enhancements - Traffic Safety Products - Pedestrian Safety Products - Lane Separators - Cyclist Safety Products - Retroreflectometers - Airfield Safety Products
Prism Lighting Services Manufacturer Fire and Safety Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer of patented Prism Inflatable Lighting systems. Flood Lights - Emergency Preparedness - Disaster Equipment - Search and Rescue - Emergency Lighting - Outdoor Industrial Lighting
Products On The Go Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Products On The Go develops and sells plant based, natural, safe and eco-friendly baby and sun care products that are US and international patent pending, NPA natural certified, and doctor endorsed. Our convenient signature solution based on the go sets are perfect for the lifestyle of outdoor enthusiasts, weekend travelers, and for parents alike. We offer consumers a complete system of natural multi-functional products under two brands. Little Toes and Sunshine On The Go. Little Toes includes baby diapering accessories and Sunshine On The Go features natural sun care products, including mineral reef safe sunscreens, as well as moisturizers, and lip balms. All these products can be purchased in travel tube sizes, unique bulk offerings, and custom designed on-the-go collections. Rash Cream - Sunscreen - Glitter
QCS Service Provider Food Products Food Safety Compliance With an ever-expanding global presence, QCS is committed to helping farmers all over the world stay connected and committed to the very best farming practices. Whether you get certified with us or 12 simply have a question you can guarantee one thing: Wherever you are, we're there and we're willing to help. Food Safety Modernization Act - Food Safety - Organic Certifications - Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) - Food Production Consultants
Ramtech Overseas, Inc. Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Plastic Resins Founded in 1987 in Tampa, Florida, USA, Ramtech Overseas, Inc. is a leading exporter of PVC solvent cement and synthetic resins from American and International petrochemical producers to clients in Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Our product range also includes robotic, high pressure concrete removal system for the readymix concrete industry. Synthetic Plastic Resins - PVC - PE - PP - EVA - PVC Glue
Research Park at FAU University Educational Institution Education Global Ventures at FAU assists emerging tech companies expand from their home markets into South Florida, the 7th largest metro in the U.S. by sharing its network of reputable South Florida business professionals and strategic research for its companies to grow while developing strong links in the South Florida market. Global Ventures accelerates your growth using our 20+ years of experience: as part of the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) community we connect you to the research resources of FAU, specializing in healthcare, life sciences, sensors, and networks as well as ocean engineering and environmental sciences. FAU’s 30,000+ students are motivated and available to work with you as interns or employees adding to your team as it grows its U.S. customer base. Our services include introductory market entry resources, introductions to our network of suppliers and vendors, access to investment capital as well as cultural and other training opportunities. Academic-Based Research - Entrepreneurship - Business Incubator - Technology and Innovation
RGF Environmental Group, Inc. Manufacturer Food Products Food Safety Equipment RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products and has a 35+ year history of providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. RGF is an ISO 9001:2015 certified research and innovation company, holding numerous patents for wastewater treatment systems, air purifying devices, and food sanitation systems. Situated in the heart of the Port of Palm Beach Enterprise Zone, RGF Headquarters span 9 acres, with 130,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office facilities. RGF has recently upgraded their facilities, creating an increased vertical approach to manufacturing, further allowing the company to provide the highest quality and best engineered products on the market. Industrial Water Treatment - Non-Chemical Anti-Microbial Food Safety Equipment, Indoor Air Quality Products - Air Purification Systems - Wastewater Treatment - Water Recycling - Food Sanitation
Richard's Paint Mfg. Inc. Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Paints and Coatings For over 60 years, it has been our mission to serve our customers with the care and craftsmanship that is uniquely offered by a family-run business – The Richard’s family. In 1954 Ed Richard, Sr., a painting contractor at the time, built his first batch of paint. Offering this new product to other painters, he walked and talked with them as he learned what they wanted most from the coatings they used. Thus began the journey and legacy of Richard’s Paint Manufacturing. With offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Rockledge, FL, the Space Coast is our home. We have grown from modest beginnings to now serving customers in residential, institutional, commercial and industrial markets with hundreds of products for virtually every surface that needs to be decorated and protected. Paints - Stains - Varnishes - Caulking - Concrete Sealers
Saint Leo University University Educational Institution International Studies Founded in 1889, Saint Leo University is a top rated, private university located in Florida. Saint Leo is home to more than 600 international students from over 100 countries. We offer our students an ideal college experience - from our leading-edge academics with over 50 programs and unique accelerated 3 + 1 degrees with a student to faculty ratio of 14:1 to our commitment to the Benedictine core values. We have a test-optional policy that doesn't require undergraduate applicants to submit SAT, ACT or GRE, GMAT scores during the admissions process. Saint Leo offers academic scholarships for undergraduate students, to help make a private US education affordable and accessible to students from across the globe. International Studies - Study Abroad Programs
Santa Fe College University Educational Institution General College Studies Santa Fe College was established by the state government in 1965 to offer wide access to quality higher education. Since then, the college has established programs and services that fulfill its mission of educational opportunity, responsiveness to the community, economic development and innovation in the public interest. The philosophy of the college has been, and continues to be, student-centered. Santa Fe College is home to a planetarium, nationally-recognized teaching zoo, geological (underground caves) field laboratory and state-of-the-art fine arts hall, and annually produces the Spring Arts Festival, the largest cultural and arts event in Alachua County, FL. Santa Fe College’s International Student Services (ISS) is dedicated to providing prospective International students and their families with admissions and orientation guidance, as well as supporting current international students with immigration advice and continuing enrollment support. General College Studies - Study Abroad Programs
SCALA Global Accelerator Non-Governmental Organization Economic Development Organization Foreign Direct Investment We are a multilingual experienced team of successful business leaders, experts, and insiders working together to provide world-class consultation and technical services to non-U.S.A. companies, individuals, or investors wanting to develop a strategy to conduct business in the United States. Foreign Direct Investment Consulting
Sea Hawk Paints Manufacturer Marine Products and Technology Hull Coatings and Paints A trendsetter of marine coatings, New Nautical Coatings, Inc. and the Sea Hawk brand were established in 1978 and are dedicated to bringing only the highest quality, marine-grade products and customer satisfaction to today’s mariner. It provides a wide array of application specific marine coating products that include antifouling bottom paint, waterproofing and sealing primers, foul release coatings, gel coats, epoxy, solvents, varnish and resins. Now offering innovative products globally, Sea Hawk continues to grow as its products become more in demand worldwide. Paint - Epoxies- Primers - Hull Cleaners - Anti-Fouling Marine Coatings
Sentry View Systems Manufacturer Information Technology Safety and Security Sentry View Systems (SVS) is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with additional locations in Montana, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Located in the heart of Florida’s Space Coast, SVS is a leading innovative engineering company. We specialize in creating ideal solutions for demanding remote and harsh environments. We cater to the needs of system integrators by providing edge-based solutions ranging from, surveillance, Remote Video Analytics (RVA) and storage, remote power solutions, embedded software engineering, intelligent device management for optimal system readiness, and remote troubleshooting. SVS is pleased to introduce our Urban Mobile Detection Platform (UMDP) and Fixed Platform. Our platforms mobilize sensor packages to detect, identify, track, and provide counter measures for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Both platforms are powered by the SVS Nexus C2 software platform and offers a cost-effective and complete solution to the end-user. CBRN Detection Systems - Remote Visual Assessment - Infrastructure Security - High-Value Asset Protection - Border Surveillance - Remote Perimeter Security - Video Analytics
SimBlocks.io Service Provider Information Technology Software Development SimBlocks.io is a small business specializing in using real-time 3D game engines for modeling, simulation, and training by supporting industry standards for geospatial terrain, 3D models, and communication interoperability. https://www.youtube.com/simblocksio/videos Geospatial Mapping - Terrain Mapping - 3D Technology - Game Engine Technology - Whole Earth Visualization - Simulation Middleware
SIMETRI, Inc. Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Medical Training Simulation Founded in 2009, SIMETRI, Inc. has 32 employees providing modeling, simulation, and training technology; medical training and training aids; medical subject matter expertise; analytical and computational chemistry; and research, engineering, technical, and logistics talent in support of operations and instruction. SIMETRI, Inc. is a woman-and-minority owned small business that delivers innovative, state-of-the-art products and services that leverage creativity and technology without limit to enhance the human experience. Since inception, this has meant researching, developing, and delivering advanced products and services, primarily in the domain of medical simulation, but also inclusive of network and software engineering, materials science, environmental research, and training. Medical Training - Human Anatomy Simulators - Medical Training Simulators
Slice Engineering Manufacturer Information Technology 3D Printing Technology Slice Engineering designs, manufactures, and sells components for 3D printers. We work with consumers and businesses who utilize 3D printing, additive manufacturing), as well as 3D printer manufacturers. If you are already using 3D printing as part of your operations or would like to learn more about how to do so, we can help (or at least point you in the right direction)! Our daily mission and core purpose is to transform ideas into realities. We do this by leveraging additive manufacturing to find unique solutions for our customers. 3D Printers - 3D Printing Equipment - 3D Printing Engineering - 3D Printing Technology
Southeastern Aerospace Services, LLC. Service Provider Aviation and Aerospace Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Southeastern Aerospace Services LLC., is a service-disabled veteran and certified minority- owned FAA and EASA Repair Station. We provide Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul of military and commercial aircraft power generation systems to include: APU Generators, DC Starter Generators, Air/Oil-Cooled Generators, Constant Speed Drives, and Integrated Drive Generators. We have over 150 years of combined OEM technical expertise in power generating systems. Our technicians each have 10-25 years training and experience through prior work history from Hamilton Sundstrand/UTAS. While also providing aircraft cargo system repair and overhaul capabilities, SAS additionally offers exchanges, logistical support, consignment sales, warehousing capabilities, and repair management solutions. We also have broad range of know-how related to other aircraft accessories to include pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel systems and other components manufactured by Hamilton Sundstrand/UTAS. FAA Repair Station - Aircraft Power Generating Equipment - Aircraft Cargo Systems - Aviation Landing Gear
Space Florida Government Aviation and Aerospace Aerospace and Spaceport Development Space Florida was created to strengthen Florida’s position as the global leader in aerospace research, investment, exploration and commerce. As Florida’s aerospace and spaceport development authority, we are committed to attracting and expanding the next generation of space industry businesses. With its highly trained workforce, proven infrastructure and unparalleled record of achievement, Florida is the ideal location for aerospace businesses to thrive – and Space Florida is the perfect partner to help them succeed. www.spaceflorida.gov Aerospace Research - Spaceport Development - Space - Economic Development
Specialty Products of America Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Chemical Additives An industry leader in Specialty Chemicals for over 15 years in the USA, Specialty Products of America specializes in the manufacture of Water Treatment Chemicals and Sugar Chemicals. A second generation family business started in 1978, Specialty Products puts a focus on innovative and sustainable solutions for sugar mills and water-intensive industries. Our chemicals help improve process efficiency, yield and product quality. We sell Antiscalants, Scale Removers, Biocides, Cooling & Boiler Water Treatment Products, RO Antiscalants, Corrosion Inhibitors & More. SP’s market-leading technologies include EVEREST ™ , BIORID ™ , BIOSPER ™ , THERMAPRO ™ , TORPEDO ™ , RO PRO ™ , SWEETOL ™ & RAPISOL ™. With the experience to get the job done right, we can help find the perfect solution for your needs. Specialty Chemicals - Industrial Cleaning Chemicals - Specialty Surfactants - Water Treatment Chemicals
SpecOps Group Inc. Manufacturer Fire and Safety Rescue Equipment Specops Group is a global solution orientated team. We develop, manufacture and ship life saving technology to Military and First Responders around the world. We are a disabled veteran owned and operated company. Our staff consists of Military veterans, First Responders and Engineers. All of our development, assembling and manufacturing is done in Florida down to the last circuit board. Our mission statement is to "Protect those who protect us." Search and Rescue Equipment - Surveillance Equipment - Law Enforcement Equipment - Military Operations Equipment
Stimpson Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Metal Hardware / Fasteners Stimpson, founded in 1852, is the leading U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of grommets & washers, eyelets, snap sets, hole plugs, and attaching machinery. As an ISO: 9001:2015 certified company, Stimpson provides expert customer service, with complete commercial grade fastening solutions under one roof. The depth and breadth of our inventory allows our customers to single-source all their fasteners, saving them both time and money. Customers depend on our near-zero defect rate and industry-leading, on-time delivery to exceed their customers’ expectations and meet tight deadlines. Fastening Solutions: Grommets & Washers Eyelets Snap Sets Hole Plugs Attaching Machinery Visit the Stimpson booth to speak with a fastening expert and explore the latest industrial fabric fastening trends or visit our webstore for easy and secure online ordering with orders placed by 3:00 PM shipping the same day. Discover the Stimpson difference. Grommets- Washers - Eyelets - Snap Sets - Hole Plugs - Fasteners - Fastener Machinery
Stream2Sea Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Stream2Sea is the FIRST and the ONLY reef friendly mineral sunscreen that walk the talk and ensure that all our sunscreen and skincare are tested and proven to be safe to fishes and coral larvae. Our natural, hypoallergenic skin care contain no harmful chemicals like benzophenones, oxybenzone, avobenzone, parabens, DEAs/ MEAs/ TEAs, SLS or SLES and preservatives. Eco-Friendly Sunscreen - Hand Sanitizers - Haircare Products - UPF Clothing
SurveyTelligence, Inc. Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Management Consulting and Training The global mission of SurveyTelligence, Inc. is to build stronger, more agile, aligned organizations. We use powerful designer diagnostics, tools and expertise, treating the business as an entity, and not simply one piece of a puzzle. We specialize in organizational transformation using “Alignment” as the framework. Introducing the PULSES with benefits and solutions. A new technology providing a constant audit as to how well the actual business, the actual business systems and people are aligned for delighting the customer. The 4 DNA components of the business must be aligned and work in concert to grow and maximize revenue. The technology is simple, dashboard updated every night, with situational awareness on the business execution providing an ability to make the right decisions. No Surprises ever again! Survey Development - Survey Diagnostics - Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Susa USA, LLC Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Packaging Equipment SUSA USA is a family-owned-and-operated company with five generations of experience. We specialize in full plant design to include all engineering, equipment placement, full CAD design and drawings. Our specialists all have more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of food processing and packaging equipment, specializing in the dairy and fluid industries. Plant Design and Engineering - Turnkey Food Processing Systems - Food Processing Equipment - Filling Machines - Cheese Making Equipment - Stainless Steel Tanks - Pasteurizers
Tactical Superiority, Inc Manufacturer Safety and Defense Rifle Components Tactical Superiority, Inc is an OEM Manufacturer of parts and components for Small Arms in the Defense Industry. For over 10 years, we have been supplying Industry and other manufacturers with the critical parts they need to build their products. Rifle Barrels - Assault Rifle Components - Hand Gun Components
Techfit Digital Surgery Service Provider Life Sciences & Medical Technology Reconstructive Surgery Technology TECHFIT Digital Surgery offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the patient's pathologies that require complex reconstruction, increasing surgical precision, reducing surgical time, improving aesthetic and functional results, which in turn allows patients and surgeons access to the most advanced surgical planning and custom implants instrumentation. 3D Medical Modeling- Reconstructive Surgery - Maxillofacial Solutions - Cranial Solutions - Surgical Implants
The Golf Car Connection Manufacturer Transportation and Equipment Utility Vehicles Golf Car Connection has been exporting golf carts and golf cart parts since 1981. Located in South Florida, we are the premier vendor of golf carts and parts for all brands of golf carts. As an authorized Yamaha dealer, Golf Car Connection stocks golf carts and golf cart parts for all Yamaha golf carts, and Yamaha utility vehicles. Golf Car Connection also stocks many golf cart parts for other manufacturers such as Club Car, EZ-GO, etc. We can obtain parts for discontinued utility vehicles like Cushman, Taylor Dunn, and Motrec. Golf Carts - Hotel Transportation - Resort Transportation - Marina Transportation- Utility Vehicles - Guest Services Transportation
The South Florida District Export Council Non-Governmental Organization Financial and Professional Services Trade Counseling The South Florida District Export Council is an organization comprised of business leaders from local communities, whose knowledge of and expertise in international business provides a source of professional advice to companies in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Martin, St. Lucie & Indian River counties. Closely affiliated with the U.S. Commerce Department’s Export Assistance Centers and the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service, over 60 DECs exist throughout the country to support the U.S. Government’s export promotion efforts. International Trade Services -Trade Counseling - Business Development - Export Compliance - International Trade Consulting
The Teething Egg Manufacturer Consumer Goods Pediatric Supplies The Teething Egg's award winning products and patented designs are the perfect size, shape and weight for little hands and mouths. Our teethers and utensils are made here in the USA with FDA food grade materials and safety tested worldwide for infants. All of our products are backed by a 90-day money back guarantee. Order today, risk-free, and make your baby smile! Teething Rings - Teething Accessories
Thomalex Service Provider Information Technology Telecommunications Thomalex is a technology company located in Miami that provides a leisure and corporate online booking tool and services to small and mid-sized Online Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies and Corporations. Software Application Developer - Smart Phone Applications - Online Airline Booking Tool
Thompson Pump Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Pumps Thompson Pump is respected worldwide for its sophisticated heavy-duty lines of high quality pumps, ranging in size from 2 to 18 inches. Thompson Pump sells their entire line of pumps to the areas of municipalities, construction, rental houses and mining. Construction Equipment - Mining Equipment - Industrial Pumps- Water Pumps- Slurry Pumps
Total Translations Group Service Provider Financial and Professional Services Translation Total Translations Inc. is a leading translation and interpreting company in the state of Florida. Founded in 1999, Total Translations is an A+ accredited company by the Better Business Bureau and a corporate member of the American Translators Association. With years of experience helping exporters and companies in international markets, Total Translations understands the power of language and technology to facilitate business for exporters and U.S. companies. We combine advanced technology and human knowledge to internationalize services for export businesses. Let us help you with our high-quality interpretation, translations, digital marketing, and media services for your needs. Services for Exporters and Corporations: Translations of legal and financial documents in many languages. Interpretation with technical support for business. Multilingual online presence, digital marketing. Packaging and advertising material in many languages. Interactive videos and graphics. Document Translation - Technical Manual Translation - Business Form Translation - Video Translation Services
Triple Strand Global Solutions, LLC Service Provider Consulting, Advising, and Development Aviation, Aerospace, Security, Law Enforcement, and Training A consulting, advisory, and development company. Aviation - Intelligence- Medical - Defense and Security Solutions Consulting
U.S. Commercial Service Government Financial and Professional Services Management Consulting and Training Global Markets assists and advocates for U.S. businesses in international markets to foster U.S. economic prosperity. Utilizing our network of trade promotion and policy professionals located in more than 100 U.S. Commercial Service offices nationwide and in more than 70 international offices, Global Markets promotes U.S. exports, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises; advances and protects U.S. commercial interests overseas; and attracts inward investment into the United States. Export Promotion - Export Advocacy - Export Counseling - U.S. Export Regulations
UltraVision Corporation Manufacturer Life Sciences & Medical Technology Medical Equipment UltraVision Corporation is a developer of diagnostic medical ultrasound systems. Our flagship product is the UltraVision-XS which is a Point of Care Ultrasound System meaning it is designed to be taken to the patient’s bedside or into the field. The UltraVision-XS is FDA approved, performs all the modes of ultrasound including elastography, shear, and photoacoustics. The company conducts its own research and offers products like the UltraVision-XR which is a research platform that allows ultrasound research by others and universities. Research done to date has resulted in new modes that visualize microcalcifications for breast cancer detection. Versions of the research platform can produce up to 10,000 frames per second. The UltraVision-LM is a battery-operated Wi-Fi-connected handheld scanner for specialty applications. The scanners are available as unassembled components allowing companies to add local content to minimize tariffs and duties. Ultrasound Medical Diagnostics - Cancer Detection - Ultras Sound - Neurodiagnostics
University of Florida University Educational Institution ELI and Graduate School UF English Language Institute and the Graduate School will provide information about intensive, academic English, and the Master’s and Doctoral degrees available at the #1 public university in Florida. We invite you to speak to a representative about customized English study for groups of your employees or educators. The ELI has face-to-face courses, and Short Term English Program Online courses for your employees in any industry. The ELI and the Graduate School can provide guidance on admissions, Conditional ELI Admissions, and opportunities for academic excellence as well as community engagement in Gainesville, Florida. Welcome to the Sunshine State. Live the culture, learn the language, love the Gators! English and Graduate Study
University of North Florida University Educational Institution ESL Program The University of North Florida located in Jacksonville, Florida with an enrollment of 17,016, UNF is just the right size to offer students exceptional academic opportunities and a great campus experience. UNF has over 55 undergraduate (bachelor's degree) programs with over 100 possible concentrations. In addition, UNF has 30+ graduate (master's degree or doctoral degree) programs. Students from more than 70 countries call UNF home, creating a campus with global perspective. We have various scholarship opportunities such as the Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship, as well as the International Student Scholarship that help students with the financial demand of college. Alongside the degree programs, UNF offers an English Language Program. The ELP program has six levels of instruction. An intensive 22 hours of instruction per week with class sizes of 12-16 students. Cultural experiences include Field trips, volunteer opportunities, and UNF students as conversation partner. English Language Programs - College Preparatory Courses
University of South Florida University Educational Institution General College Studies The University of South Florida is a high-impact global research university dedicated to student success. Over the past 10 years, no other public university in the country has risen faster in U.S. News and World Report’s national university rankings than USF. The University currently ranks #46 among public universities in the U.S. News and World Report National University Rankings (2021) and The Princeton Review lists USF as a Best Value College for providing students with high-quality education and career readiness at an affordable cost. USF enrolls over 50,000 students, including 3,450 international students from more than 140 countries, across its three campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee. USF is designated as a Preeminent Research University by the Florida Board of Governors, placing it in the most elite category among the state’s 12 public universities. Associates to Doctorate Degrees - Study Abroad Programs - Online Learning
Unnique - The Premium Brand of Hair Treatments Manufacturer Consumer Goods Health and Beauty Products Unnique - The Premium Brand of Hair Treatments... a company specialized and focused on presenting a different proposal to the Beauty Market, continually working on the innovation, research and development of products that consistently meet the different hair needs of people and Beauty Professionals. Its main objective is to beautify hair, for this reason, it has developed over time, a botanical fusion, which integrates active ingredients from different regions in the world to enrich each of the formulas in the product portfolio we offer. Hair Care Products - Keratin Treatment - Argon Oil - Beauty Supplies - Hair Salon Products -Beautician Supplies
Venergy Manufacturer Clean Technology LED and Solar Lighting Lighting (LED and UV-C), Solar, PPE Gear Lighting (LED and UV-C) - PPE Gear - Construction Management - Emergency Preparedness - Energy Consulting - Solar Energy Technology
Vero Water Manufacturer Industrial Equipment and Supplies Water Purification Equipment and Technology Vero Water is a leading provider of eco-friendly luxury still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry, served to over 75 million consumers a year, in the US and 12 countries around the world. Vero offers exceptionally great tasting still and sparkling water that is an affordable alternative to bottled water, more sustainable for the environment, and a more profitable brand for the hospitality industry versus traditional bottled water. Vero's proprietary purification process enables clients to purify, chill, fill and serve Vero still and sparkling water on-tap and on-demand. Vero water is proudly served by the most successful chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, cruise lines, and offices globally. Vero's signature taste is pure and crisp - noted by a luxurious mouthfeel and a light and refreshing finish. The exceptional quality, combined with the unparalleled level of service provided to its clients, has propelled Vero Water into many of the most acclaimed restaurants worldwide. Restaurant Equipment - Hotel Equipment - Kitchen Equipment - Purified Clear and Sparkling Water - Bottled Water
WitZense Service Provider / Distributor Information Technology (Telecom) RFID Inventory Tracking and Video GPS Tracking Technology Advanced IoT asset tracking and risk management solutions, powered by 4G LTE cellular, cloud based platforms and machine learning to provide location, video and current inventory levels. GPS Asset Tracking - Video Telematics - RFID Inventory Tracking - Industrial IoT Sensors
Women's Business Centers In Florida Non-Governmental Organization Economic Development Organization Business Development Business counseling, training, mentoring, and workshops for women who want to start, grow, run and expand successful businesses. Business Counseling - Business Training - Business Mentoring - Entrepreneurship
World Housing Solution Manufacturer Safety and Defense Pre-Fabricated Structures World Housing Solution, Inc is a design build manufacture that has been developing mastery in the creation of next generation shelter and structure solutions. These technologies are designed and manufactured in the USA are lightweight, modular and have high-efficiency. Towable versions of the highly insulated shelter provide mobility with integrated power, water and communications, ready to go anywhere in a highway-legal package as Clinics on Wheels™ and Mobile Response Units™. These enable warfighters, disaster responders, workforce camps and medical professionals to operate in energy deprived austere environments. Our 10-year history has clients that include the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. ARMY, U.S. NAVY, U.S. AIR FORCE, U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. MARINE CORPS, Departamento DE SALUD, United Nations, FEMA, The Salvation Army and many Counties and municipalities across the United States. Rigid Wall Rapidly Deployable Structures - Medical Clinics on Wheels - Mobile Response Units - Disaster Response Housing - Military Housing - Emergency Shelters
World Panel Products Inc. Manufacturer Marine Products and Technology Boat Building Materials World Panel Products started in 1993 to revolutionize the way Boat Builders, repairers and the millions of boat owners obtain quality wood and composite materials. Today, we are the leading marine panel distributors in the USA with 2 facilities strong, and growing. Our knowledgeable sales team is prepared to answer any questions you may have about our products and their intended uses. We're passionate about helping our customers find solutions to their problems so as to get their boats back on the water in a timely manner. Our customers are often referred to us by their friends based on the positive experience they’ve had working with us and our quality. We are problem solvers: From an off the shelf item to get you back on the water or a long term production project, we have the means to expedite your order or schedule production to ensure delivery is made safely and cost effectively. Have a specie in mind? Looking for matching lumber? We are wood experts. Marine Plywood - Synthetic Wood Panels - Boat Building Materials